In the 1970s, funk music was brought into the scene. It was a lively upbeat way to celebrate being black and having fun and being able to mingle. It bring the black s=community closer. Funk was crated by being a mix og jazz, R&B, and soul. With those genres have an influence upon music, we […]

John Legend the Legend

JohnLegend John Stephens was born in in Springfield, Ohio on December 28, 1978. He is the child of  Phyllis and Ronald Stephens,. When John Legend was 5 years old he began to play the piano and sing Gospel music in the church where both his parents were muscians were to. When John Legend was 20, […]

Hip Hop

Hip Hop music is the heart and center of African American music. It originated in the 1970s in New York City. Hip Hop music is a combination of rap music, break dancing, beatboxing, and so much more. Hip Hop has evolved heavily through our the years, but it remains to be the heart of the […]


There are three different genres of gospel. They are Transitional Gospel, Rural, and Contemporary. The different types ways of which gospel songs are written are through the ways of call response, speaking in tongue, and shouting. Transitional Transitional gospel is the first genre that existed. It was originated in Little Rock Arkanas. Thomas A. Dorsey […]

Musical Theater

Musical theater became big into play with African Americans in the early 1900s when they were able to make plays. This was their way to tell stories through acting, music, and dancing White people made it hard for blacks to become in the spotlight for musicals by mocking them with black face. Some of the […]

Techno post

Techno music came into play by the Detroit music scene in the 1980s. The main instruments in techno were drum machines, multi-track mixers, samplers, and computer. It focused on polyrhythm and 120-150 beats for the tempo per minute.


Disco music began in 1970. It influenced African Americans because it was the way to express freedom. The guitar was one of the main instruments was the bass and was tempo dance music. Disco music if still impactful today because it can be seen within some r&b music. It is one of the most important […]

Negro Spirtuals Negro spirituals were songs that were written by slaves. They usually had some type of hidden message behind them with a code of some sort to help them run away. They were spiritual songs. These songs became in 1865. Negro spirituals began in the south states. They were used as worship songs as well […]


Ragtime1800-1920 Ragtime was popularized because it was upbeat music that everyone played. Ragtime orginated in Missouri. But rag time played out in 1920 when jazz music became big.How Ragtime was composedRagtime dealt with a lot of sheet music. Piano was the most essential instrument during ragtime, along with instrumental music and vocal ragtime. click here […]

Jubilee Quartet

m jubilee quartets jubilee 1880-1929 transitional 1930-1943 Gospel Period 1946-1969 Create Your Own Playlist Toggle Content University A quartet at a school. Fisk Quartet- broke racial barriers click here for example singers Jubilee quartets are made up with typically 4 singers but there can be more: -2 Tenors; 1st tenor is high -Bases Baritone Minstrel […]

How Bessie Smith and BB King Shaped Blues Between the 1920s and 1930s, Bessie Smith became the most popular female blues musician that there was. She led blues into its popular culture. She became known as the Queen of Blues. She was known to have her songs spark a sexual sense with how she sang and what she sang. She became the […]

Folk Music

Elizabeth Cotten is one of the most popular folk musicians. Her music became a staple to folk music. Folk music became off of  Negro Spirtuals it related to God. One of the major topics of folk music was freedom to continue talking about the unfair treatment African American faced with enslavement and unfair treatment. They […]

Marian Anderson

Black women empowered each other and proved their independence music and performances. Marian Anderson was one of the biggest influencers with musical performances in the African American community. She was known to always be on the stage. She held herself well and present the black woman the most amazing way. She opened the gate way […]