The Soul Behind Negro Spirituals

Despite contrary belief, black people possess some of the most poise, elegance, and grace. Exemplified in the arts and in everyday interactions, this grace is extended when being applied in telling the stories of our ancestors. Negro Spirituals encompass the stories of enslaved Africans and their tribulations during the transatlantic and domestic slave trade. I […]

African Folk, American Music

A look into early African instruments, music types, and performance styles reminds us that complexity runs deep in the roots of Black expression. Many instruments that may look deceptively simple have incredibly unique methods of playing and purpose. This article looks into some instruments of African origin that are common in American music, particularly (black) […]

Love Lundy

Hey! My name is Love Lundy. I am a political science major, food studies minor from Edgewater, New Jersey, and Triana, Alabama. I am a passionate person who loves music, the Earth, and spirituality. You can find my music everywhere under my name, and I have two EP’s out: Jean and Before I Move On.