Marva Whitney-Funk

History of Funk Funk, rhythm-driven musical genre popular in the 1970s and early 1980s that linked soul to later African-American musical styles. Like many words emanating from the African-American oral tradition, funk defies literal definition, for its usage varies with circumstance. As a slang term, funky is used to describe one’s odor, unpredictable style, or attitude. Musically, funk refers to a style of […]

Drop The Mic: Hip Hop

What is Hip Hop? Hip-hop, cultural movement that attained widespread popularity in the 1980s and ’90s; also, the backing music for rap, the musical style incorporating rhythmic and/or rhyming speech that became the movement’s most lasting and influential art form. Hip-hop refers to a complex culture comprising four elements: deejaying, or “turntabling”; rapping, also known as “MCing” or “rhyming”; graffiti painting, also known […]

Detroit Techno-Blake Baxter

ABOUT DETROIT TECHNO Though many people associate techno music with the dance floors of Europe, the futuristic dance music that became known as techno was actually pioneered in Detroit, where it’s still celebrated to this day. In the 1980s, three high school friends from Belleville, Michigan, began making music with the idea of combining the […]

Final Exam Post

Why I , Lauryn Sanders Shouldn’t Have to Take the Final Exam? The first reason why I shouldn’t have to take the final is I am always in class. I can count that I have missed two days of class the entire semester. Secondly, why I would I take a final and I have bad […]

Jesus, Lover of My Soul Vs. King of Glory- Gospel

Edwin Hawkins Singers – Jesus, Lover of My Soul Jesus, Lover of My Soul by the Edwin Hawkins Singers was released in 1969. Todd Dulaney – King of Glory King of Glory was released in 2018 by Todd Dulaney. Comparison King of Glory and Jesus,Lover of My Soul were made 49 years apart […]

The Four Tops- R&B

Origin of R&B Rhythm and blues (aka R&B or RnB), a popular music genre combining jazz, gospel, and blues influences, is a musical term for post-war musical chart listings which mainly encompassed the rich and varied folk music of the African Americans as well as other Americans. First performed by African American artists, rhythm and blues became the biographical mirrors of work songs, ballads […]

Black & Blues

Origin The blues has deep roots in American history, particularly African-American history. The blues originated on Southern plantations in the 19th Century. Its inventors were slaves, ex-slaves and the descendants of slaves—African-American sharecroppers who sang as they toiled in the cotton and vegetable fields. It’s generally accepted that the music evolved from African spirituals, African […]

Wilberforce Jubilee Quartet

Origin The Early Jubilee quartets featured close harmonies, formal arrangements and a “flatfooted ” style of singing that emphasized restrained musical expression and technique derived from Western musical traditions. Early Quartets reinforced their respectable image by adopting uniforms that a university glee club might wear and discouraging improvisation.  Elements of Jubilee  Strophic- Songs form in […]

Duke Ellington: A Legend of Jazz

Duke Ellington: A Legend of Jazz About Duke Ellington Duke Ellington he was born in Washington, D.C., in a middle class family raised by two talented musicians. He was one of the most famous jazz artists and the originator of big-band jazz.  Ellington performed in Broadway night clubs as the leader of his own sextect, which […]

History of Ragtime

Created By: Jhanae Askew, Imani Wingfield, And Lauryn Sanders

Negro Spirituals: A Look Into Ring Shout

Origin of Negro Spirituals Negro Spirituals were songs created by the Enslaved Africans. It was a way for them to worship but, they also took on many other deeper meanings. For Example, many of the songs were guides for slaves to escape slavery, like Wade in the Water.  What is Ring Shout Ring Shout originates […]

The History Of Folk Music

Origin Folk Music originates from the time Africans were brought to America. It was created for many purposes but it was mainly created to bring the Africans together.  Elements of Folk Banjo: The banjo is of the African origin and it contains one to six strings. The instrument contains a neck running parallel to a […]