Hip Hop: The Get Down

What is Hip-Hop? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xT4af_-8Ho   Hip-hop originated in South Bronx New York City which is a predominantly African-American area in the 1970s. Hip pop also called a rap is comprised of four elements: DJing or turntabling, rapping/MCing /rhyming, graffiti painting also known as graf or writing and B-boying. Hip-hop was created in in the 1970s […]


T-T-T-TECHNO! In the 1980s a new genre emerged in Detroit called techno. Techno is a very fast pace electronic and futuristic sound with a dance influence similar to disco. The cells of techno are primarily built by engineers on a computer which gives it the electronics sound. The musicians that were producing techno were known […]

Gospel: Same God Right Now, Same God Back Then

What is Gospel? Gospel music is rooted in the African-American community. It derived from the rise of slavery due to slaves being forced to participate in the religion of their slave owner when they arrived in America. Gospel stemmed from Negro spirituals which was black people’s take on what their faith in Christianity to be. […]

Unsung: The Supremes

The Supremes started out as a quartet known as the Primettes. In 1959 two fifteen year olds, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson, met at a talent show. Milton Jenkins, who managed a local doowop group the Primes, wanted a sister group to accompany the Primes for stage performances. Jenkins asked  Ballard to put together such […]

Black & Blues

What is Blues? The Blues is a genre of music that was created by African American in the South. Blues voiced African American’s grief, desires, adversity, trials and tribulations in a style that was specific to the genre. Instruments such as harmonicas, washboards, guitars, and slide guitars could be heard in blues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnaorRAxhmU Origin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwMePuqZsZc […]

The Unique Sounds of Thelonious Monk

Born Thelonious Sphere Monk Jr. to parents Barbara and Thelonious Monk Sr., Thelonious was born on October 10, 1917 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. At the age of 4 his parents decided to move to New York City, where he grew up and started his career. Around the age of six Monk began teaching himself […]

Keeping Up with the Mills Brothers

The Mills Brothers were a musical quartet that consisted of four brothers from Piqua, Ohio.The original member (John Jr., Herbert, Harry, and Donald Mills) got their start from their father who owned a barbershop and founded a barbershop quartet called the Four Kings of Harmony. The brothers picked up on their father’s techniques and harmonies […]

Negro Spirituals: For Us By Us

Negro Spirituals: For Us By Us When Africans were brought to the United States for slavery they were forced to practice the religion of their slave owner, which was typically Christianity. One of the only times slaves were allowed to come together were for religious meetings and gatherings. They would gather together after church or […]

That’s All FOLKS!

That’s All FOLKS! African American Folk is… One of the many traditions African slaves held on to during the slave era was Folk music. After being stolen and forced to live in the “NEW WORLD” during the seventeenth century, they used music to express their sorrow. Through the pain, suffering, and mental torment, music became […]