Author: Logan Sams

Hip Hop: The Get Down

What is Hip-Hop?   Hip-hop originated in South Bronx New York City which is a predominantly African-American area in the 1970s. Hip pop also

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T-T-T-TECHNO! In the 1980s a new genre emerged in Detroit called techno. Techno is a very fast pace electronic and futuristic sound with a dance

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Unsung: The Supremes

The Supremes started out as a quartet known as the Primettes. In 1959 two fifteen year olds, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson, met at a

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Black & Blues

What is Blues? The Blues is a genre of music that was created by African American in the South. Blues voiced African American’s grief, desires,

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That’s All FOLKS!

That’s All FOLKS! African American Folk is… One of the many traditions African slaves held on to during the slave era was Folk music. After

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