Old Rap Vs New Rap: Point-CounterPoint Lauryn and Leah

Old School Rap Narrative/Lyricism Most of the content is about partying and having a good time How to Rap, Immortal Technique “hip-hop was born in an era of social turmoil… in the same way that slaves used to sing songs on a plantation… that’s the party songs that we used to have” (Edwards, 2009, pg. […]

A Toast to the 90s

A Toast to the 90s Origin of Hip Hop and Rap Hip hop emerged specifically in African American, Afro-Caribbean, and Latino communities in the Bronx, New York in the early 1970s. Eventually it spread to Harlem and then all of New York. Hip hop really popularized and became international during the 1990s because of popularity […]

Noire: Metamorphosis

Background The concert I went to was named Metamorphosis performed by the group Noire. It occurred on Friday, November 9, 2018 at 7:00 PM and lasted an hour. The theme of the concert was centered around black activism. It was directed by Dr. Carlos Simon and there was 7 pieces performed by the choir. Most […]

In Dahomey, A Musical Theater Analysis

Plot In Dahomey is an American musical comedy Broadway that opened on February 18, 1903 and soon after became an international hit. It is seen as the first musical Broadway to be written and played by blacks. The music was created by Will Marion Cook, a classically trained musician who brought ragtime rhythms to Broadway. […]

Lets Groove With Funk: Earth, Wind, and Fire

Origin Funk emerged in the late 1960s, but became popularized in the 1970s. Funk is best defined as being in touch with the essence of being human. Funk comes from a variety of different music genres that include rhythm, blues, and jazz. Because of the complexity and intersection of different elements of music, people often […]

Modal Jazz

MODAL JAZZ Lauryn Hoard, Leah Wardlaw, Vashti Jones Origin and elements of modal jazz Modal Jazz originated in the 1950s, specifically between the Montogomery Bus Boycott (1956) and the Civil Rights Act (1964). It is defined as either a music that is based on one or two chords or a music that is based on […]

Getting Jazzy With Jazz

Jazz music, also known as “African American classical music,” originated in the late 19th century in New Orleans, Louisiana. It consists of different times such as traditional jazz, the swing era, and bebop. It is distinguished by its improvisation, virtuosity, and erudition. The emergence of Jazz has often been explained as, “the mixture of uptown […]

Florence Price

Origin Florence Price was born Florence Beatrice Price on April 9, 1887 in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was an African American classical composer for most of her life. Price has always had a background in music, as her mother was a musical teacher, who trained her in her earlier years. Her first piano performance was […]

Traveling Back to the Classics

Classical music has been around for ages having roots in the medieval times around the 500-1400. Western composers first introduced the genre in the 1700. Since the classical period is between the baroque period (1600-1750) and the romantic period (1800-1920), it is credited with music being composed from the 1750-1820. Black composers began to get […]

Breakfast Club Interview: Response and Thoughts

“It’s been said that racism is so American, that when we protest racism, some assume we’re protesting America” – Beyoncé This quote really stood out to me regarding the Breakfast Club interview because it talked about race and the consequences of not addressing race in an appropriate way. At the moment, on social media, I […]

Feeling Down, I Got the Blues

The blues came to be during the 19th century, specifically in the south, coming from people who were slaves. W.C. Handy claimed that he found the blues in Mississippi Delta by a guitarist. Some connect the blues to that of the griots in Africa. Griots are story tellers of important traditions. The blues derived from folk […]

Getting Ragged with Ragtime

When I hear about ragtime, I often think of cakewalking, black face, or something dramatic. Ragtime became popular during the late 1800s, specifically from 1896-1920. Ragtime fell between early jazz and classical music, and European and African American music. However, it came from the Folk-Blues genre. Ragtime seen the transition of instruments such as fiddles […]

Good Things Actually Come in Four: Jubilee Quartets

What Is Jubilee Quartet Jubilee Quartet is a musical genre that originated in the mid-1800s. It is as an outgrow from secular and sacred narratives and begun to be sung in moderate tempos. It came from a mixture of harmonized western influenced singing and African American aesthetics and musical values. This included things like the […]

The Significance of Improvision: Negro Spirituals & Folk Music

What Is “Spiritual Music”? No one knows exactly when Negro Spirituals were created, but it is accredited as a musical genre created by slaves. Spirituals were sung by slaves for numerous reasons including to express the deep melancholy they felt, their strong beliefs that God would get them through the rough times, and their strong […]

An Armstrong Full of Happiness, With a Dash of Blues

The late 1920s, early 1930s, was a blissful time for Black music. Gertrude ‘Ma’ Rainey, Louis Armstrong, and Cab Calloway blessed ears everywhere with euphoric sounds. Get ready for a playlist full of spirit. Gertrude ‘Ma’ Rainey (Mother of  the Blues) – Prove it on Me: One song I chose to put in my ‘playlist’ is Ma Rainey, […]

4 Your Eyes Only: Learning Lauryn

For Whom the Bell Toles “I’m searching and praying and hoping for something, I know i’m goin’ see it, I know that it’s coming.” – J. Cole Everyone has something that keeps them grounded and stable. Mine so happens to be my spirituality and J. Cole. Greetings! My name is Lauryn Hoard. I am a sophomore, Psychology […]