More Than Music

This biographical analysis will detail the life of the Pop sensation, Lena Horne. The data presented includes information regarding the childhood and young adult life of the singer, and will discuss the influence her personal life had on her musical career. In addition to discussing the phenomenal music career that Lena Horne had, her social […]

Evolution of Hip Hop

The poster I created to depict the evolution of hiphop shows the Black power flag as a background this represents the origins of the genre. Hip hop was a genre we controlled. We used it as a tool of empowerment. Rap and hip hop music allowed us to tell our own stories to our people […]

Chicago v Earth Wind and Fire

In 2004, two bands, Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago joined together at the Greek Theatre in LA for a concert. The joint performance made the many differences in music and style very apparent. You could say that funk is the Black rock and the roll( ignoring the fact that Blacks also created rock and […]

Funk it up!

Funk music is like the crazy child of soul music. Soul music was made to make people feel good and funk took that to a whole ‘nother level. Funk music was made to make you want to party. The genre began in the 70’s when Black people felt empowered and proud. We were really beginning […]

And it’s so hard to say goodbye…

Wow! I never thought I’d enjoy this course so much. I am a senior chemistry major that has already fulfilled by fine arts requirement. I took this class to be full time and was honestly dreading it. I ended up loving it. I’ve always felt like such an old soul but Dr. Johnson, you still […]

The Story of the Gospel

Because of the religious nature of gospel, it has so much meaning. It is truly music that moves people, and is arguably one of the most emotion evoking genres. No other music can make people praise, cry, shout, and dance the way that Black gospel music can. The genre originated during The Great Migration. The […]

Musical Theatre

During the origination of the Musical Theatre genre. There were still strong ties to minstrelsy in the performances. Performers often still performed in Black face and made overtly obnoxious implications about Black people. Choreographically the dance steps were still moves that were distinctive of minstrel shows and the lyrics of many popular tunes had underlying […]

Jazzin’ it up!

Jazz music originated during the late 1800’s in a central location for Black culture; New Orleans, Louisiana. Today, Jazz music is an essential piece of African- American culture and perfectly exudes our creativity, talent, and excitement for music. The combination of elements from ragtime and blues work together to create a distinct and unique sound. […]

The Classics

Classical music may be the one and only genre of music that was not created by African-American people, but Blacks have managed to still be an important part of the genre. This genre began in Europe during the start of the 18th century. Some of the most critically acclaimed music came from this genre during […]

Appropriation of Blues

The genre of Blues began in the beginning of the 1900’s and quickly gained popularity. It became so huge that many subsets of the genre developed, including; country blues, 12 bar blues,  gospel blues, etc. So, it goes with out saying that the Blues had an influence on almost every genre that came after it, […]


Ragtime was a very popular genre of music between 1896 and 1920. There were both instrumental and vocal pieces in this genre. An essential characteristic of this musical genre was a syncopated rhythm which has become a staple to black music today. Ragtime began with coon songs. Coonery or cooning is defined as exaggerated ignorant […]

Jubilee Quartets

During the late 19th century, Jubilee quartets emerged as a prominent genre of Black American music. Quartets gained their popularity after the official abolishment of slavery. These quartets consisted of 4 men, and rarely incorporated the use of musical instruments. Jubilee Quartets also became a part of black colleges and universities. This was a genre […]

Negro Spirituals

The biggest factor that contributed to the origin of Negro Spirituals was work songs. In short, negro spirituals were a way to get through the strenuous work being done by slaves. The sacred nature of this music was to remind slaves that there was something better than the earthly suffering they were experiencing. The timbre […]

Folk Music

Culture is something that is intrinsic to a people. Regardless of time, location, or circumstances, people retain their culture and are able to carry it with them during the geographical displacement of their people. When large groups of Africans were transported to America during the slave trade, we incorporated African rhythm and style of singing […]

Lena Wright- IME

My name is Lena Danielle Wright.  I am a graduating senior chemistry pre med major from Hampton, VA. I am very passionate about medicine and have aspirations of becoming a gynecological oncologist. I enjoy crafting, baking and DIY projects. My favorite musical artists include The Weekend and Chancellor Bennet. My mindset going into this course […]