Author: Keely Ongos-Cole

Group Project: Gangsta Rap

In the mid- 1980s, rappers such as Schooll D and Ice- T began the new wave known as Gangsta Rap. This sub-genre of Hip-Hop stemmed from hardcore hip-hop, which was developed in the 1980s and

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40 Years of Hip Hop

40 Years of Hip Hop Before I started the 40 years of Hip Hop documentary, I decided to look up who KRS One was because up until now I have not heard anything about him

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The Transformation Era

The Transformation Era BY: KEELY ONGOS-COLE Believe it or not but hip-hop did not start dominating sales until the late 2010s. In the 2017, hip-hop started making its way to the top when eight of

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First Post

Rodrick Wayne Moore, Jr. commonly known as Roddy Ricch is a 21 year old upcoming artist from Compton, California.

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