Techno Music

Techno music Techno music is a genre that is more recent that the other genres. Techno music is a type of electronic dance music (EDM) that consists of by a repetitive four on the floor beats. These beats are usually produced to help DJ keep a continuous set. The tempo of the beat varies from […]


Play that Funky Music Music is something that is always evolving and changing due to different styles that have been introduced or are being introduced. Funk music began in the late 1960s, which ended up being a powerful movement for black expression. It evolved from soul and blues music but has been know to have […]

Parliament Funkadelic

The Parliament Funkadelic King During the 1970s, one man by the name of George Clinton changed the game of funk music by creating a diverse and influential form of funk. He was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina and grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey.  In 1982, he went solo and came out with the album, […]

Concert Reflection

Atlanta Ballet: Heart/Beat: Gospel, Brubeck and Rhythms of the City The Atlanta Ballet presented Heart/Beat: Gospel, Brubeck, & Rhythms of the City at the Cobb Energy Centre. This performance was the first ballet show I have ever attended and I was able to go on opening night. At first, I thought that it was going […]

Gangsta Rap In the mid- 1980s, rappers such as Schooll D and Ice- T began the new wave known as Gangsta Rap. This sub-genre of Hip-Hop stemmed from hardcore hip-hop, which was developed in the 1980s and pioneered by artists such as Run-D.M.C and Public Enemy. Hardcore hip-hop was developed in the East Coast and was […]

40 Years of Hip Hop

40 Year of Hip Hop Reflection In the documentary “40 years of Hip Hop”, KRS One begins by asking the question of what makes one a hip hop scholar.Typically, when people think of a scholar one thinks of someone who puts in many hours to study their craft. Based off that knowledge, I assumed a […]

The Transformation Era

The Transformation Era BY: KEELY ONGOS-COLE Believe it or not but hip-hop did not start dominating sales until the late 2010s. In the 2017, hip-hop started making its way to the top when eight of the year’s Top 10 artists were hip-hop influenced.  Hip-hop was a considered a cultural movement and the backing music for […]