The Smooth Musical Stylings of the Isley Brothers.

The Isley Brothers Early life/ History of the Group The first generation of Isley siblings was born and reared in Cincinnati, Ohio.Their father encouraged his kids to begin singing, as he himself was professional vocalist, and their mother a church pianist. Originally the group was a gospel quartet comprised of Ronald, Rudolph, O’Kelly, and Vernon Isley. […]

‘Hip Hop Hippy’

Hip-hop and rap is today’s most widely consumed music genre. Coming from the black communities in New York City, hip-hop was a genre entirely unique from any genre we’ve seen in the past. Hip-hop and rap music draws directly from cultural elements of African and African american decent. Characteristic of the genre include, recreational exchanges […]

Feelin’ Funky

Funk music came off the heels of Soul music filling and creating a genre entirely unique. It became popular in the early 70s, encompassing elements of soul, jazz, and R&B. Funk is the all encompassing word to describe the complexity that involves the genre, the mix and combination of different styles and genres to create […]

Feelin it in my SOUL

Soul music was born from the tree of R&B, and peaked in its popularity in the mid 70s. emerged in the late 50’s off the heels of gospel influence. The elements of the genre include the rhythm of R&B yet the dramatized vocal stylings of gospel music, yet soul is about romance and social commentary. […]

A Little more Rhythm a Little Less Blues

Rhythm and Blues or (R&B) came into the fold as a way to describe all secular music of black artists. R&B was the all encompassing aspect of black music that featured the musical stylings, traditional, rural, swing, jazz, and blues. R&B has elements that incorporate modern and old school secular components. There are lemmas of […]

The Force that is Black Musical Theater…

Origin of the genre The participation of African Americans in musical theater, started off after 1750 in the english speaking theater on the atlantic coast. Participation then phased into minstrel shows in the states, white maintaining a strong presence in religious community theater. Shows featuring African Americans were characterized as being especially vibrant and impressive. […]

Gospel…The Music of the Community

Origin of the Genre The origin of gospel music began following the Great Migration of Blacks from the south. Though the genre had legs far before it was given the title “gospel music” until the 1930s. Gospel consists of religious music created my African Americans  in urban centers, Gospel around its conception was disputed because […]

The “Classics” an Exploration of Classical music

Origin of the Genre The Classical genre pre-dates most genres previously discussed in our course so far, having roots that can be traced back to Medieval periods ranging from (500-1400). Though these dates can be attributed to other nations introduction of classical music, Black involvement in the classic genre was sparse in its early stages. […]

The Storytelling Techniques Behind the Blues Genre

Origin  of the genre Blues originated in the deep south, among cities such as New Orleans, Memphis and St. Louis.  The conception of the Blues genre dates back to the 1890’s, that chronicles the stories of black life, and serves as a direct response to Jim Crow Laws. Having just recently visited New Orleans for […]

Never Can Say Goodbye…

Dr. Johnson, and the rest of my 2:00 class, just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and the lessons! I’m not going to lie when I first came into the class I was confused as to what it would consist of, but what we did and learned changed everyday so I learned to embrace […]

How White People Continue to Make Money Off Black Art

It is historically proven how white people have profited off the backs of black service and black art. Black art has been mocked ridiculed by larger white culture, then copied and reproduced for their own consumption. Blues is another genre in which white people have usurped and used as a stepping stone for white music’s […]

Kennedy-rue McCullough’s IME

Hi! I’m Kennedy-rue McCullough, from Los Angeles, California. I have been working in the entertainment industry since I was a child. Throughout my years of working in an industry that required a maturity well above my physical years, I have grown into an awareness and maturity far beyond my years. My musical taste definitely mirrors […]