Soul, Techno, Funk, Disco, and RnB

Soul, techno, funk, disco, and R&B are five versatile African American music genres that are share very similar characteristics. They are categorized by their vocals and instrumentations found in within the genres. Some of these genres are mainly influenced by James Brown; the godfather of soul. James Brown was famous for his soulful voice and […]

The Intricacies of the Hip-Hop Genre

In this photo, the names of various hip-hop artists are presented. These are artists from several different decades and each of them represent a certain style and era of the genre. From Grandmaster Flash to 2 Pac, each of these artists have or have had their personal contribution to the genre. Hip-hop encompasses many different […]

My Last Words

Dr. Johnson, Thank you so much for this semester. I learned so much about our people’s history and how everything that has happened to us is incorporated into the musical genius that is behind every genre that we studied. Everything that we discussed from negro spirituals to funk, I saw the evolution through the material […]

Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire Concert Post

The funk genre arose during the 1960s and is a mixture of previously explored Black genres, such as R&B, soul, and jazz. It contains characteristics such as blues-styled horn arrangements, guitar timbres, and soul-styled vocals. Funk music moved away from singing about the Black experience in America during the late 60s and 70s, and mainly […]

Jazz – The Musical Reflection of America

The jazz genre was born in the New Orleans, Louisiana during the mid 1800s. It was based on the painful history of the way Blacks had to live their lives; by improvising. It was said that if one couldn’t improvise as a Black person in the United States, then you couldn’t survive. Jazz was one […]

Classical; A Genre of More Than Just White Men

When many people hear the words classical music, they think of composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. However, the classical genre consists of a history long before the lives of those composers and hosts a variety of styles and artists. The classical genre dates as far back as the 12th century.  There are several […]

A Discourse on Ragtime

Emerging around 1897, Ragtime followed the followed the Jazz genre leading into the 20th century. It incorporated Jazz characteristics with syncopated rhythms into mainly piano music that was occasionally accompanied by whistling. The genre was made popular for whites because of “Cakewalks”. Cakewalks where when Black people would dress as slave masters and pretending to […]

Frankie Beverly Bibliography

Gordon, Ed. “Frankie Beverly, the Soul of Maze.” NPR, NPR, 1 July 2005,, Alex. “Maze | Biography & History.” AllMusic, Britt, Bruce. “Even after 40 Years, Maze and Frankie Beverly Play On.” The Undefeated, The Undefeated, 12 July 2017, Okarmus, Matt. “Six Things to Know about Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly.” The Montgomery Advertiser, 13 May 2015, […]

The Commodification of the Blues Genre

The Blues genre has a similar theme of the struggles of Black people, as do the original meanings of numerous genres of music. While they were forced to work, many enslaved Africans communicated through song. This quickly  became an important and secretive method of communication. Much of the lyrics that were sang represented how Black […]

The Complexity of the Jubilee Genre

The Jubilee genre derives from the many characteristics of Negro Spirituals incorporated with various blues sounds and marked a shift in musical history. Some characteristics of the genre include close harmonies, formal arrangements of four or more voices, most sounds are made by voices, and prominent bass lines mainly created by voice. The Jubilee genre […]

Folk Post

Folk music has a broad history and hosts a wide rage of sounds an instruments. From songs of the Civil Rights era to gospel music, the aspects of folk music can be found in the music of many popular artists. Some of the more recognizable sounds within folk songs include the harmonica, the banjo, the […]

Kelsey Wardlaw – IME

My name is Kelsey Wardlaw and I am a Sophomore music and Spanish double major form Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been playing the flute since I was 12 years old and since then, I have learned to play the piano, piccolo, and the clarinet. I was in marching band all four years of high […]