The Story of Jazz – Notes

Kelaiah Dixon ·  Jazz music tends to swing. The upbeat and downbeat of jazz are equally important ·  Jazz music was that was able to capture the entire worlds culture ·  Its roots are deeply woven in West Africa ·  The stew of music that became jazz began when Africans were brought to America through slavery ·  The most influential […]

Kelaiah Dixon

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Summer of Soul: Film Review

by: Kelaiah Dixon About Summer of Soul: Summer of Soul (2021) is a documentary film that shows a compilation of footage including Black performers at the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival in Harlem, New York. What makes this film particularly special, is it has been 50+ years since the footage of this festival was recorded in […]

Artist Project: Solange

Solange: Angel of Soul Thesis:  From her Angelic melodies, to harmonies and lyricism, Solange pushes listeners to see and reflect beyond the surface of life. Her music Is rooted in the sounds of R&B/soul, but adds an intellectual, artistic, & profound touch. Solange pushes the barriers of R&B, and uses her music to deliver creativity […]

Artist Project: Solange