The Clark Sisters

The Sisters Of Gospel Previous Next Name It Claim It Theses five sister were born and raised in Detroit Michigan. The began singing at  an early age under the direction of there mother Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. She was adamant that these girls use there gift for glory of God.  In the late 60’s the […]

The Motown Sound

This legendary label was started in 1959 by Berry Gordy with an $800 loan in Detroit Michigan.  He got the name from the nick name the city was give Motor City. He did everything possible to ensure that was was released was of top quality. It was the First African American owned record label to […]

Then Vs. Now – How R&B Changed

The Temptations…. Much like a lot of great talent the temptations were formed in Detroit Michigan.  Originally named the Elgins the Temptations consisted of  Eddie Kendrick’s, Paul Williams, Otis Williams, Al Bryant and Melvin. Throughout the years the member of the temptations shifted but there award wining sound never did.  They won the Grammy for […]

The Art Form of Scat Singing

Scat singing is an art form that was developed and utilized in jazz. The roots can be traced back to West Africa , there they would take a percussive line of music and a vocals to by giving it certain syllables.  Jazz as an art form can be traced back to African and many elements of […]

Ella Fitzgerald

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong…..” Born to William and Temperance on April 25th 1917, Ella Jane Fitzgerald arrived. Although together at the time of her birth, her mother and father went there separate ways […]

The First Ladies of Gospel

Mahalia Jackson Play Play Play Previous Next The Queen of Gospel was born October 26 1911 in New Orleans Louisiana. She began sing as a child at Mount Moriah Baptist Church. This Would kick start her life long career. Although raised in a christian household her influences came from blues artist Bessie Smith and Ma […]

Robert Glasper Experiment ft. Mos Def ( Yasin Bey)

This particular Jazz fusion mixed jazz with some funk, rap and electronics. We first so the introduction of electronic instrument and jazz with Herbie Hancock.  In this particular concert the bass guitar is what helps keep they rhythm along with the drums and Robert Glasper opens with a solo. After Glasper finish the solo switches […]

Jubilee Singer

Fisk University Founded in 1866 was the first liberal arts institution of higher learning for both men and women of color. Not even five years in the institution ran in to sever financial trouble. In a last ditch effort to save the school the treasury used the last of its money to fund a tour […]

Nina Simone

Play Previous Next Before Nina Eunice Kathleen Waymon was born in North Carolina  on February 21st in 1933. Being raised in the church allowed her to hone her gifts at a young age whilst garnering recognition. This recognition led to years of classical train on the piano by an English woman Muriel Mazzanovich. After completing […]

Jorge Pardo

Jazz Fusion: Latin Style Early Life Born December 1956 in Madrid  Studied at the Conservatory of Madrid at the age of 14  Started out playing the Guitar but later picked up wind instruments- Saxophone and flute  Discography 1982: Jorge Pardo (Blau) 1984: El canto de los Guerreros (Linterna) 1991: In a Minute (Milestone) 1991: Las […]

Donald Byrd

Ethiopian Knights Who, What, When, Where Donaldson Toussaintt L’Overture Byrd II Born December 9th 1932  Accomplished trumpeter and performed with Lionel Hampton in his high school years  went to Wayne State University for undergrad. Got his masters at the Manhattan School of Music. 1958 signed an exclusive recording contract with Blue Note.  Got into fusion […]


The New Commer’s….. Alicia Keys A singer/songwriter  Grammy winning  Debut album ‘Songs in A minor’ went platinum five times over  Diary of Alicia Keys, As I am, girl on fire Alicia keys was more than just a singer she incorporated storytelling with her composition and producing skills, this shows what a powerhouse she was […]

Miles Davis: The Transition

Transitioning In The Beginning… Born in Illinois on May 26 1926 to the second wealthiest man in the state. His somewhat privileged background didn’t mean his life would be any easier. Growing up he often witnessed the emotional and verbal abuse both his parents displayed toward one another. Davis  absorbed all of it, the anger […]

Concert Report: Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk: Concert Report The saxophone is the soloist in the first piece that we here the playing has both a sense of freedom and structure to the chords, it’s like chaotic order.   Thelonious gets up and starts moving to the beat, as he returned he takes over the solo from the saxophone, although his […]

Atlanta Ballet

A Night to Remember I had the opportunity to experience the Atlanta Ballet at the Cobb energy center. The performance was around 2 hours, with three pieces being performed throughout. Each of the pieces composes and choreographed by six separate people and allowing them to express there sentiments and vision fully. There were three major […]

Hip-Hop: The Culture that Gives

I Am the Culture Looking at KRS Ones ideas.  I am hip hop all the time…. It was said that to claim hip-hop, you have to be about it all the time. Where ever you go, it goes, it is you. In my opinion, you can tell the difference between someone who is ‘hip hop’ […]

Bebop: A new language

Bebop: The legends and the language ” When an art form is created, the question is how do you come to it? Not, how does it come to you?”- Wynton Marsalis  To understand bebop you have to understand why it evolved and who helped to shape and cultivate its identity. Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie […]

Potato Head Blues

Potato Head Blues Louis Armstrong’s early work  It was originally recorded in Chicago on May 10th, 1927. On the track, a total of seven instruments can be heard with three solos. The trumpet, clarinet, and banjo all have distinct solos that really help to define the characteristics of the piece. The piece uses a combination […]

It’s more than Just Sex.

Its More Than Just Sex An evolution of female rappers that revolutionized the game in the 2010’s.  For so long the rap and hip-hop scene has been dominated by males. The shape of hip-hop as a genre has morphed and changed over the decade and as a result so have those that have chosen to […]