Author: Kori Barnes

Final Thoughts-Kori Barnes

When I first signed up for  this class, I was simply looking to fulfill my fine arts requirement. I did not know if I would enjoy it but fine arts is an area that does

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Detroit Techno: 808s, 202s, and 606s

Techno is a form of dance music that emerged in Detroit in the early to mid-1980’s that features electronic instruments including drum machines, multi-track mixers, and multi-track mixers, computers, and samplers. However, the use of

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What Difference Does It Make?

[embedyt][/embedyt][embedyt][/embedyt] Everyone has the ability to be talented regardless of race and in particular, musical ability is not restricted to one race. It is no secret that music artists of all races sample

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Words of Wisdom by Kori Barnes

My Black Footprint African-Americans are a powerhouse when it comes to expressing our talents. We are funny, creative, hardworking, dedicated, and inspirational. It is no secret that we have influenced many genres of music and

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  Katrina Laverne “Trina” Taylor was born December 3, 1978.  Trina first gained notoriety in 1998 with her appearance on Trick Daddy’s second studio album on the single “Nann Nigga”. Since then, she has released five moderately

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Mary J. Blige

  Mary J. Blige Mary J. Blige was born on January 11, 1971, in The Bronx, New York.  In 1989, Blige released her first album,  What’s The 411?, in 1992, and has released 13 studio albums

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