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Evolution of Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop has evolved over the years in sound and style. Hip-Hop originated with the Brown communities in the Bronx and Harlem in New York City

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The Soul of America

Soul music originated from the evolution of the rhythm and blues genre in the 1960s. It became a very popular genre by the mid 1970s.

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Let’s Get Funkadelic!

Funk is a more cultured version of party music. Though this music formed in the 1960s, it didn’t become popular until the 1970s. Funk emerged

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Let’s Get Classy

Classical music is considered one of the most calming and elegant forms of music. Classical music within the black community arose in the twentieth century.

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The Best Time is Ragtime!

Ragtime is a musical genre that existed long before the style was officially given a name.  Ragtime music was in its prime from 1896 to

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Kennedy Weathers’ IME

Introduction Hi! My name is Kennedy Weathers. I am a junior International Studies and Spanish double major from Lexington, Kentucky. Mindset My mindset coming into

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