Soul Tapes: An Artist Post on Fabolous Rapper Fabolous, born John David Jackson was born November 17, 1977 in Brooklyn, New York. Fabolous describes his childhood as, “pretty okay.” He remember growing up in a project building in Brooklyn with his mother, who was a single parent and his younger brother. He also has an […]

Walk This Way: A Hip-Hop Post

Walk This Way: An Ode Hip-Hop Hip-Hop was born in the late 1970’s in the Bronx, New York. The underground scene developed in this city after this borough became heavily populated with African Americans and Latinx people in the community. One thing that contributed to the generation of Hip-Hop was socioeconomic issues in the borough. […]

Musical Theater

Musical Theater Musical Theater began in the African-American community until the late 1890’s. Before this many images of black people in musical theater and plays were stereotyped and discriminatory. Typically portraying African Americans in a negative light with coon songs and black face. The first all black show was brought to the stage in the […]

D-Town and Techno

D-Town and Techno Techno originated in Detroit, Michigan, in the 1980’s. This sound is different from other sounds use previously because of its’ use of high technology sounds developed on a computer. Additionally techno deconstructs many other genres of music to create new types of music. It has been said that Techno was developed because […]

Let’s Groove Tonight: A Post on Disco

Let’s Groove Tonight: A Disco Post Disco first began in the 1970’s after the genre of Funk was originated. Due to social clubs and dancing becoming more prominent, the rise of disco in the 70’s was a very important time. Disco can be described as having a high rhythmic sound. Additionally, as seen in the […]


Funkadelic Funk music originated in the 1960’s as the beginnings of the R&B era began to fade. Funk Music is known to be a combination of R&B, jazz, and soul. Some characteristics of funk include instruments like the bass and the electric guitar. This is the type of music that was seen on Don Conrelli’s […]

Jesus be a Fence: A Gospel Post

Jesus Be A Fence: A Gospel Post Although Gospel Music has been present in the African American community well before the 1930’s, the rise of Gospel to what we know now began during that time period. Typically congregating in churches, instruments like tambourines, organs, drums fill the sanctuary and are accompanied by shouts and stomps […]

Down by the Bayou: Jazz in New Orleans

Down by the Bayou: Jazz in New Orleans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__OSyznVDOY The genre of Jazz was first born in the 19th century in the southern state of Louisiana. The early happenings started in the late 1890’s when brass bands took New Orleans by storm. In the African American community in the city, brass bands were used in […]

Bed and Breakfast Blues

Bed and Breakfast Blues The musical genre of Blues first originated in the late 19th century.   The deep roots of blues began on southern plantations and spanned throughout the years across the country. In the beginning, sharecroppers would sing while in the field and later these sings evolved in the genre now known as blues. […]

Ragtime by Katelyn Howell

The Sounds of Ragtime Ragtime is a musical style that emerged through the country from 1896 to around 1920. This music became popular due to its syncopated beats and early jazz and classical music influences. This music genre was typically played in bars, brothels and saloons in predominately African American communities. As years passed, Ragtime […]

Origin of Negro Spirituals

The Origin of Negro Spirituals: Slavery to Calvary The origins of Negro Spirituals began in the 1860’s after the spread of Christianity across the plantation. As slaves, many Africans were forced to adopt the Christian religion which acted as one step closer to them assimilating to Western culture and forgetting the remnants of their native […]

Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price and the Sound of Sisterhood

Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price and the Sound of Sisterhood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z02yZIoPPlI In the article, “Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price and the Sound of Sisterhood,” by Alisha Lola Jones it discussed the importance of black sisterhood and showed the example of Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price. When […]

A Review of a Folk Music Post by Katelyn Howell

A Critique of “That’s all Folk…Music” In “That’s all Folk…Music,” by  Justice Randle, Justice starts off the post by describing the impact of music in the African American community and how music itself has always been a call to action for strength, human rights and battles within the culture. She also talks about the beginning […]

Katelyn Howell

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