Author: Katelyn Williams

Disco Industry

In 1975, disco music began to be issued in a new format, the “single.” This new format allowed for Dj’s to mix and edit songs for club play, which became a larger marketing tool for

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Jeff Mills

American DJ, record producer, and composer. Mills is a founding member of Underground Resistance, a techno collective formed with ‘Mad” Mike Banks. Mills is the founder and owner of Axis Records, a record label he

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What Difference Does It Make?

“Nothing crosses racial barriers more easily than music” a phrase that is accurate on the most superficial level of the musical experience. Attending a Hip Hop or Rap concert now a day has become a

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Toni Braxton

Toni Michele Braxton is a six times Grammy winning American R&B singer, songwriter, pianist, musician, actress, television celebrity, record producer and humanitarian. She has released a total of six studio albums until now and has

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Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men were formed in 1988 at Philadelphia’s High School of Creative and Performing Arts. Founding members Nathan Morris and Marc Nelson had been singing together for several years, but had trouble maintaining a

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