My picture represents hip hop. By having a background of newspapers it talks to the genre is a way to speak up about current events, whether it be in I have a series of different names and such and common hip-hop sayings and artists.

Excuse Me, Mr. West!: The Mad Genius of Hip Hop

Kanye West is one of the most controversial, yet influential, artists of our time. From music style to fashion and even his overall cultural influence on our society. From his humble beginnings in Southside Chicago to producing songs for significant artist like Jay Z, Beyoncé, Lil Kim and even a few of his classic albums […]

Jazz It Up: The Genre That Diversified American Music

Origins Jazz’s origins are rooted in New Orleans in the early 20th century. Jazz was indeed born out of the black experience, a perfect combination of blues and ragtime. In New Orleans, Jazz had it’s own culture and importance to the community. The genre traveled north because more opportunities were being presented to black musicians. […]

America’s Unique Jewel: Ragtime

Ragtime is an American genre that Is one of America’s jewels. The history of ragtime is just as vivacious as the music itself. Ragtime had a robust presence in musical composition and entertainment between 1895 to 1920, as its popularity rose. The genre is one that is unique, according to the Library of Congress, ragtime […]

Spirituality and Hardships Through Music in the Black Community

My partner and I researched Negro Spirituals and the important milestones in Black history that shaped musical expression. Spirituals were used as an oral tradition to speak about hardships, while infusing Christian values. Negro spirituals were traditionally characterized as monophonic or “unison” songs, but today have grown to be best known as harmonized choral arrangements. […]

The Way In Which Elizabeth Cotton and Leadbelly Shaped Folk Music

In our study of folk music, my partner and I focused on two artists: Elizabeth Cotton and Leadbelly, to understand the influence and style of African American artists in the genre of folk music. There are a number of characteristics that make folk music, folk music. This genre has simple melodies based on Irish, Scottish […]