Author: Kailen Aldridge

Techno Music

Techno music was created in the 1980’s by Juan Atkins. Techno music is also known as underground dance music or “high tech soul” electronic music

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Kailen Aldridge

Artist Biography Post Why I Take the Final I should not have to take the final because I am an A student in this class,

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Gospel – Then vs. Now

Old School – Legends like Mahalia Jackson sang gospel music in its earlier days. Jackson made Gospel in the 1950s become popular because of her

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R&B- Baby Washington

Baby Washington Justine (Baby) Washington is an American soul artist who topped the U.S Billard Top 40 Hits charts with the hit song “That’s How

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Black N Blues

Blues is Black Origin- The Blues was born in the South, the Mississippi Delta, by Afrian Americans and was birthed from folk music in the

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