Ice-T: The Original Gangster

Ice-T The Original Gangster​ Purpose of this Post The information from this post was compiled from numerous resources as listed at the bottom of the page. The purpose of this post is to inform the audience about the life and career of of rap artist Ice-T. In this post you will find information about this […]

Oh Happy (HAPPY) Day: Edwin Hawkins v. Club Nouveau

Oh Happy (HAPPY) Day: Edwin Hawkins v. Club Nouveau “Oh Happy Day” is that one gospel song that we all know. The one we’ve heard in church, in movies, and even in some concerts. We’ll explore two different versions of the popular song: the most popular recorded version by The Edwin Hawkins Singers and the […]

For the FUNK of It

For the FUNK of It Funk music; that groovy, hypnotic music that makes your body move against its will. Funk music; music for the nation. Beginnings Funk music became popular in the mid-1970s. Before then, the most prominent music of African Americans came from the pop soul records of Motown Records in the 1960s. […]

Jasmine Jenkins

Jasmine Jenkins More Posts from this Author Why I Should Not Have to Take the Final I believe that I should not have to take the final exam because I attend every class, I am attentive, and I have produced great work thus far. I believe that my posts are unique, informational, and aesthetically appealing. […]

‘Pharoah was the Son’: Pharoah Sanders

Introduction Like all other American music genres, Jazz was born to African Americans, originating in New Orleans. Just like the vast amount of cultures of its birthplace, Jazz music developed into numerous forms and styles, one of which being Free Jazz. A Little about Pharoah Farrell (Pharoah) Sanders is known as a prominent figure in […]

Ragtime: A Brief Introduction

By Kennedy Starkey & Jasmine Jenkins

The Dinwiddie Colored Quartet

Origin/Legacy The Dinwiddie Colored Quartet were a jubilee quartet founded in 1898 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. They began as a jubilee quartet for the Dinwiddie Normal and Industrial School (now known as Southside High School), but left the school in 1902 and began touring as an act of a vaudeville show. It is believed that […]

Before Gospel: The Negro Spiritual

Before the compositions of Gospel music, there were the Negro spirituals. Influenced by the struggles of slavery and the adoption of Christianity, Negro spirituals were songs of the pain of bondage and the hope for rescue. Origin: The introduction of Christianity to enslaved Africans in America gave them a savior to worship. The idea that […]

Folk Music: Songs of the Struggle

Folk Music: Songs of the Struggle If you want to learn about the struggles of being African American, the best teacher is African American music. The hardships faced by African Americans can be found in a number of genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, Blues, etc… all throughout the history of African American music. But, where does the […]