Hip-Hop, Jesénia M. Jackson

Hip-Hop music began in the 1970s in an urban community. Its music origins come from funk, disco, reggae, R&B, and poetry. Hip-Hop is a movement in which African American’s spoke of their struggle and lives in rhythms, rhymes, and poetry over a musical beat. Over the years, Hip-Hop has become more socially and politically involved […]

Disco, House, And Techno Music, Jesénia M. Jackson

Disco, House, and Techno music all originated from European and Italian origins. They all used shifted the use of technology in the music industry by making it a prominent and dominant factor in their music. House music bean in the Southside of Chicago in the 1970s. Compared to Disco and Techno music, House music was […]

Soul Music: Ray Charles, Jesénia M. Jackson

Soul music s a genres if music that has its origins in the African American community in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Soul music has its music origins in Gospel music. For example, Ray Charles took the song, I’ve Got A Savior (Way Across Jordan) and changed the lyrics to I’ve Got A Woman […]

Crossover Jazz: Al Jarreau, Jesénia Jackson

In a time period when jazz music began to decline, a sub genre of music took its place in order to keep the genre of jazz alive. This subgenre is known also Crossover Jazz. In the 1970s, Crossover jazz was created in order to keep the genre of jazz present in the music society. Crossover […]

Parliment-Funkadelic: Jesénia Jackson

The 70’s was a time of funk, creativity, and fun! During this time period, several funk bands that were created, one of which was Parliament-Funkadelic. This group, spearheaded by George Clinton, had their majority of their success in in the 1970’s and early 1980’s until disagreements between and court cases that included the members of […]

Cece Winans, Gospel Post: Jesénia Jackson

The Library of Congress states “African American gospel music is an African American spiritual, which had already been around for well over a century before Gospel music began its rise to popularity starting in the 1930s.” Gospel music has it origins in African American spiritual music and call and response structure. A key figure in […]

Ragimte- Jesénia Jackson

Ragtime Ragtime music took its claim to fame in the late 1800s (1893-1917). The genre of Ragtime preceded jazz and was based on a structure of broken melodies. Styles of music that came before Ragtime included cakewalks and coon songs: songs that disrespected and degraded the African American community. As Ragtime grew, it was considered […]

Commodification of Blues Music- Jesénia Jackson

Commodification of Blues Music Blues music originated in the south during the late 1800s and has a foundation of African spirituals, chants, field work songs, hymns, and country-dance music. While blues music originated on southern plantations from slaves, it took its rise near the Mississippi Delta. At the beginning of blues music’s rise, it was […]

Jubilee Quartet

     The Jubilee quartet period is sometimes referred to as the period before gospel music. The quartets began in historically black colleges in the 1800s and spread throughout the Western world. The quarters are known as jubilee quartets because of the style of repertoire and the way in which they are performed. Jubilee quartets […]

Negro Spiritual: H.T. Burleigh

Jesénia Jackson Jiana Barnes   Negro Spirituals is a type of religious folksong that is associated with the African people in the South. Negro spirituals are usually sung in a call and response form; a musical form where the leader sings first and the group or background singers repeat what the leader has said harmoniously […]