Blues with some Rhythm!

Can’t Escape the Rhythm & the Blues R&B is an abbreviation for Rhythm & Blues. It is blues-influenced genre name was originally created for use as a musical marketing term by Billboard magazine. Billboard magazine reporter,  and now influential music producer, Jerry Wexler, created the term to categorize upbeat popular black music that combined Blues and Jazz. […]

The Power of Hip-Hop

The Beat is Hot! The term “Hip-Hop” was first used by the South Bronx community leader Afrika Bambaataa . “Hip”, meaning ‘current’, has been a part of the African American vernacular english language since 1904.  Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds to create music and the simultaneous looping of the upbeat drum. This technique […]

Techno in Detroit

The Techno Way Detroit Techno is the beginning of Techno as we know it today. Techno is referred to as “Detroit Techno” when it is in its original form, origin, and definitive sound. Detroit Techno emerged during the 1980s and early 1990s.  The Belleville Three Juan Atkins Derrick May Kevin Saunderson Elements/Commodification Social Implications/Influence Futuristic/Cold […]

The Evolution of Gospel

#KnowYourGospel Gospel music is unique amongst white and black cultures. Of course, we are here to discuss the Black Gospel. Black spirituals, ragtime, blues, jazz , and slave songs all had a hand in the birth of Gospel music. However, overtime, Gospel music evolved and changed as new musical genres were living. The hymnals can […]


Black & Blue The Blues. The blues emerged in the South after the American Civil War but was all too familiar of a sound to many black individuals. The “Blues” had a sound that served as a reminder of sadness, pain. Its sound was associated with the struggle, something many black individuals were ready to […]

Masego, he can do it all!

Masego Micah Davis, “Masego”, was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in a Christian community in Newport News, Virginia. “Masego” means “blessed” in Tswana, the official language of Botswana. Masego is a 22 year-old multi-instrumentalist, as well as vocalist. He specializes in Saxophone, both tenor and alto, but also plays other instruments such as the […]

The Famous Blue Jay Singers

The Famous Blue Jay Singers The Famous Blue Jay Singers only recorded ten titles for Paramount in 1932, but it was those titles that became highly popular and were re-released on the Crown, Decca, Champion, Varsity, and Joe Davis labels after the demise of Paramount in 1934. The group was located in Jefferson County, which […]

Lets Get Spiritual

Lets Get Spiritual! Colonizers managed to strip enslaved Africans of many things, but music was not one of them. Negro spirituals are songs created by captured Africans forced into the United States. As Christianity was adopted from the colonizers, enslaved Africans used the religion to assist in dealing with the oppression of their enslavement. Spirituals […]

Turn Up the Folk Music

The unpleasant experience of Africans who were sold and enslaved birthed the sound of folk music. People attempted to tell their story through lyrics. The lyrics expressed their sorrowful stories. Folk music is the earliest form of “message music”. The term “folk” originated in the 19th century but it’s history extends far beyond that. Folk music set the pace […]

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