Folk Music

Folk Music Thesis Folk is important because it inspired change during the Civil Rights Movement and united Americans of all races under one cause. History Folk music incorporates instruments such as the banjo, the djembe, and elements of the patting juba to create music. When you google pictures of banjo players you only see white […]

Negro Spirituals

Sounds to Move Your Spirit: Negro Spirituals Thesis Negro spirituals were an essential component to the survival of enslaved African-Americans and demonstrate attitudes of resistance to white supremacy. About Negro spirituals are songs that were created by enslaved people as an outlet to express their emotions. Enslavement is an experience that makes humanity and human […]

Don’t Throw in the Towel…It’s Ragtime!

Don’t Throw in the Towel…It’s Ragtime! Thesis This simple creation of ragtime reveals how African-Americans are naturally creative, gifted, and advanced in the arts.  About Ragtime is a genre of music played on the piano. Ragtime gets its name because of the “ragged” nature of the upbeat piano playing. Ragtime music was the first time […]

Can Jubilee It?

Can Jubileeve It? Thesis Jubliee quartets are an important part of African-American music because they broke barriers and created space for African-American artists to compete with their white counterparts. About A jubilee quartet is a group of four singers that create arrangements for negro spirituals. The first jubilee quartet was the Tuskegee Quartet. Ella Sheppard, […]

Jazz It Up!

Jazz it Up! Thesis Traditional jazz is a transformative music genre as it supports Black intellects and creatives. About In the early 20th century, jazz was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Although it’s an American-based music genre, jazz is composed of various influences from all around the world. More specifically, musical components from Africa, the […]

Bessie’s Blues

Bessie’s Blues Thesis Blues is an important part of African-American music because it provided an outlet for unapologetic expressions and a way to define the humanity stripped from them due to enslavement in a post-slave era. About Blues music is a genre that allows artists to express their emotions, specifically their sadness. Blues quickly became […]

What’s that Funky sound?

What’s that Funky Sound? About Funk is important because it was the first time African-American artists were so uncensored and allowed room for authenticity to share stories of the Black American experience. Thesis In the 1960s, Black America gave birth to the musical genre of Funk. Funk was inspired by and incorporated influences from Jazz, […]

Let’s Boogie!

Let’s Boogie! Thesis Disco is by far one of the most influential genres that produced historic cultural moments and shaped American pop culture in general. About Disco was inspired by genres such as funk, soul, salsa, and pop. Disco is a genre of music commonly listened to when people want to dance. The term “disco” […]


Hallelujah! Thesis Gospel is truly one of the most powerful genres in African-American music because it creates a strong bond with religion and uplifts anyone who hears it. About Gospel music is one of the most powerful musical genres created by Black Americans. The instruments that define gospels sounds are drums, pianos, guitars, bass, and […]