Story of Jazz

Class Notes Jazz is typically “upbeat” and on the swing. Afro-Cuban Jazz is in connection to Congo Square. Jazz roots are deeply entrenched in West Africa The greatest instrument in jazz was the banjo The first authentic legend was Buddy Bolden Louis Armstrong is the father of jazz Louis Armstrong is the father of organized […]

Commodification of Black Music

What is Commodification? Commodification is the act or process of taking something without any economic value and turning it into an object of commodity. This creates the object to be new of trade or value. Relation between commodification and music? Commodification of music is the creation of music for the single purpose of profit of […]

The Translated African Cultural and Musical Post

1. Describe the role of music in African and African American communities. Give examples. Music has been used as a form of expression and escape by African Americans since slavery was prominent. The role of music in African communities is to introduce rhythm and instruments that will allow one to feel express themselves in an […]

Summer of Soul

“69′ was the year where the negro died, and Black was born” What was the Summer of Soul? The Summer of Soul is a powerful film by Ahmir Thompson better known as “QuestLove.” The Harlem Cultural Festival that took place during 1969, which was a changing era in the black community. The Harlem Cultural festival […]

Lil Kim: “The Black Madonna”

Kimberly’s Early Life On July 11, 1974 Lil Kim was born as Kimberly Denise Jones in Bedford-Stuyvestant, Brooklyn, New York– better known as BedStuy. Her Trinadian parents, Ruby Mae Jones and Linwood Jones, sent her to Queen of All Saints in Brooklyn Catholic school. Her parents split when she was eight years old due to […]

Negro Spirituals and Its History

The Start of Negro Spirituals During slavery, African Americans were forced from their native land to commit to the normative of the enslavers, White Americans. This caused traumatic experiences, pain, loss of oneself and identity. Negro Spirituals became an outlet of pain, struggles, and a time passer for enslaved people. This was was a coping […]