Annual Christmas Carol Review

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL On Saturday December 7, 2019 I had the opportunity of attending the 93rd annual Spelman and Morehouse Christmas carol concert with a few friends. Attending the concert was quite an experience. The carol concert was nothing like I expected it to be. To my surprise the concert carol was extremely packed […]


MUSICAL THEATER Musical theater in African American communities can be traced back to minstrel shows. Minstrel shows were series of songs and dances performed by both black and whites. These shows degraded and humiliated the black culture. In the theater life African American entertainers were discriminated and not even allowed to sit in the audience. […]

Electronic Dance Music

Techno which is a form of electronic dance music originated out of Detroit, Michigan during the mid to late 1980’s. Techno was formed through the mixing of different styles of music such as Chicago house, funk, electro, and electric jazz. Techno is usually credited to 3 men who were known as the “The Belleville Three.” […]

Saturday Night Fever

Disco is a genre that originated out of night clubs in the United sates during the 1970’s. The term disco emerged out of the French word, discotheque, which means library of phonograph records. Disco was a popular genre in the gay community especially but also in African American and latino communities. Some of the first […]


Gospel Music is music preached from the bible to narrate stories derived from the bible. Although gospel music can be traced all the way back to the time of slavery it wasn’t fully introduced until the 1800’s. Gospel music came out of church hymns as a way to make it easier to sing along to. […]

All about Jazz

The Jazz Age was a period in the 1920’s and 1930’s Jazzy Jazz Get To Know Jazz Birthed in African American communities in New Orleans Jazz, became a popular genre in the 1920’s. The Jazz age was a time where new music and dance emerged. Not only was this genre popular in Black communities but […]

Nicki Minaj

NICKI MINAJ, NICKI LEWINSKY, NICKI THE NINJA, NICKI THE BOSS, NICKI THE HARAJUKU BARBIE Methodology Personally it was a no brainer when deciding who I wanted to dedicate my artist page to. I have been a fan of Nicki Minaj since she first came out with Itty Bitty Piggy. At such a young age I […]

Era of Ragtime

RAG TIME? WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!                                                 Est. 1896-1920 Ragtime came out of African Americans community  in the Southern Parts of the midwest specifically in St. louis. Missouri was the […]


BACK TO THE BLUES Let’s take time and Journey back to the Southern Plantations of America where this legendary genre of the Blues were created…. Blues were invented in the deep south of America by African Americans around the 1870’s. Blues evolved out of African spirituals, work songs, chants, and field hollers. Slaves and sharecroppers […]

Jubilee Quartet

THE JUBILEE ERA m jubilee quartets jubilee 1880-1929 transitional 1930-1945 GOSPEL 1946-1969 Dixie hummingbirds One of the most legendary gospel quartet which came about in 1928 was known as the Dixie Hummingbirds. Founded by James B. Davis in South Carolina generated what became one of the most successful group in that era along with Fred […]

The beginning of Negro Spirituals

What is Negro Spirituals? Negro Spirituals, first published in the 1860’s, were one of the first genres of music. Negro spirituals came about during the era of the Transatlantic Slave Trade where Africans involuntarily migrated to the New World, which is a nice way of saying Africans were forced to leave their homes to be […]

“Folk: the beginning” Review

Reading “Folk: the beginning” by Alexis Moreland I found this he article informative. I learned that folk music was one of the first genres of music. I have not personally listened to folk music before so to actually hear it in the video was entertaining. The article was a little short and I wished it […]