Disco: Freedom & Liberation New York City was the birth place of Disco music. During the 1970’s underground dance venues were filled the melodies of groovy, disco music. Disco music took the place of funk music and became extremely popular in big cities such as Chicago, Miami and San Francisco.  African Americans, Latinos, as well […]

She Got it Going on: Lil Kim

Kimberly Denise Jones Famously known as: LIL KIM The Queen Bee Kim’s Early Years On July 11, 1974 Ruby Mae and Linwood Jones gave birth to the beautiful Kimberly Denise Jones. Kimberly started her life with residing in Bedford-Stuyesant, Brooklyn, New York were she attended catholic school with her brother. Her parents relationship began to […]

Black Muscial Theater

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: BLACK MUSICAL THEATER Musical theater can be traced back to ancient Greece were people would sing, dance, and act in order to entertain the rulers. Fast forwarding to the early 19th century, ministrel shows would have white men wearing black face and acting in a stereotypical way of Africans Americans. During that […]

Computer are taking over. The rise of Techno

TECHNO  Emerging in Detroit, Michigan in the mid 1980’s techno is a form of African American dance music that is produced fully electronically. By Jadah Best Techno is a form of electronic dance music. It is composed of fast beats and synthesized sounds. There is typically 120-150 beats her minute within a techno song.  Like […]

Hip hop by Jadah Best

Hip Hop Late 1970’s Current A newer genre of African American music, hip-hop is a style of music that was foundered in New York City. Although, throughout the years hip-hop has evolved with the times, it is one of the most popular genres of music  Influences Although hip-hop is a newer style of music, it […]

All About Gospel

Gospel The Word of the Lord Gospel can be considered the modern day Negro Spirtuals. This style of music has a bibical theme and is composed similarly to Blues and soul music. A common theme for gospel is to give praise, thanks or worship to God.  There are many reasons in which Gospel may be […]

The 70s decade

Welcome to the 70s : Project CLICK LINK BELOW TO WATCH INFORMATIVE 70s ⬇️VIDEO ⬇️ https://youtu.be/X19bDagYDMY https://youtu.be/X19bDagYDMY Videos and Performances of the 70s Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Previous Next […]

Bebop: speed and rhythm

Bebop Jazz:Tempo faster than Light what is Jazz? Originated in New Orleans, jazz is a genre of music created by African Americans similarly to the many other great American music genres. Jazz was created as a result of both blues and ragtime. It is composed of “propulsive syncopated rhythms.” Additionally, it was considered to be […]

Ragtime: The Rock & Roll of the early 1900s

Ragtime 1896-1920 is the period in which Ragtime was truly at it’s peak. Following folk music came the development of Ragtime in St. Louis. Ragtime can be described as a musical genre that a type of march. Furthermore some even consider it to be the “Rock & Roll” of that time period. Ragtime was composed […]

Feeling Blue by Jadah Best

By: Background As a result of the slaves being freed many of them decided to move up North. With their migration they brought along the “Blues” which originally came from deep within the South. The Blues  unlike the musical genres that came before weren’t spiritual. The lyrics usually describe some type of heart break, an […]

The History of Jubilee Quartet

The History of Jubilee Quartets By: Jadah Best   Throughout American history, African American music has played a great influence on society as a whole. Each era within time has created a genre of music that relates to what was occurring during that time. Negro Spirituals were the first type of African American music in […]

Negro Spirituals

During the Atlantic slave trade, Negroes where taken from their homeland of Africa and brought to various places around the world such as Brazil, the Caribbean and the United States of America. The slaves that were brought to the USA developed a musical form known as Negro Spirituals. Negro Spirituals are songs created by slaves […]

The History of Folk Music Review

This article provides insight on the relationship between African American history and folk music. As explained by Rachel, folk music was developed by African American but later stolen by whites. Whites also took the credit for this genre of music. Folk music in America was used during days of slavery as a way for the […]