Let’s Get Funky

Let’s Get Funky!: An Introduction to Funk Music What is Funk? Funk is considered an urban form of dance music. This genre of music emerged in the 1960s and gained more popularity towards the 1970s. Being that this genre was created by R&B and Jazz musicians, Funk has many elements from a wide range of […]

Steve Lacy: The New Face of Alternative R&B

Steve Lacy: The New Face of Alternative R&B Steve Lacy is an upcoming black artist that is changing the face of the typical R&B sound. Lacy is a talented guitarist,  singer-songwriter, and record producer. Being a proud member of the LGBT community, Steve Lacy uses his eclectic, guitar driven sound  to speak to his personal […]

Techno Music and Its Origin

Techno Music What is Techno? Techno is a form of electronic dance music that made an appearance in the Detroit music scene in the 1980s.  Techno mostly features electronic instruments, consisting of drum machines, multi-track mixers, samplers, and computer.  includes drum rhythms, usually with a 4/4 time signature. Tempos range from 120-150 beats per minute […]

Go, Go, Disco!

ALL ABOUT DISCO Background The word disco is short for the French word disctotheque. This form of music emerged in the underground dance venues in New York in the 1970s. The disco wave was developed by DJs whose intial form of entertainment was geared toward African American, Latino, and gay dancers. The term disco started off […]

It’s Musical Theater!

Black Musical Theater The growth in participation of African Americans in musical theater evolved naturally. Theater was an outgrowth of religious rituals and communal story telling that allowed African Americans to express themselves creatively. Origin of Black Musical Theater Minstrel Shows  The minstrel show was a form of theatrical entertainment that featured performers in blackface. […]

Glory be to God!: African American Gospel

Gospel Gospel music is a form of African American religious music. Gospel music derives from  the folk spiritual which was the earliest form of religious music created by African Americans.  The Father of Gospel Music: Thomas Dorsey The son of a Baptist preacher, Thomas Dorsey has always been rooted in  religion. Dorsey grew up playing […]

Styles of Jazz

JAZZ Previous Next What is Jazz? Jazz is widely thought of as the most successful point or “pinnacle” of African American Music. Jazz is distinguished by the originality of its improvisation, the skill and knowledge of the performers and composers, and its artistry. Styles of Jazz Swing Bebop Modal Free Fusion Cool Swing Swing is […]

Black Music in the 2010s

Black Music in the 2010s Black Music in the 2010s- to put it simply, is inescapable. From Rap, R&B, Neo Soul, and even Pop and Country, Black artists have dominated the billboard charts. In the 2010s, Black music has done more than solely entertain, it has continued to be a form of protest against anti-Black […]

Marian Anderson Article Review

Previous Next Article Review: “Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price and the Sound Of Sisterhood Marian Anderson was a very influential African American singer. Had it not have been for this article, I would have never known about Marian Anderson and her impact on other black female artist. The article really emphasizes how […]

The Blues

Background  Towards the end of the first decade of the 20th century, the term “blues”started to become associated with a new style emerging from Black communities in the southern United States.What made blues distinctly different from other styles of African American music was that blues was the most self-contained. Throughout their history, most blues songs […]

All About Ragtime

Background  Ragtime was a musical style way before the music was given a name. The ragtime style gained widespread popularity from about 1896 to 1920. Ragtime was conceived as song, dance, and syncopated instrumental music. Due to the marketing scheme for ragtime music, instrumental and vocal ragtime, cakewalk, and “coon songs” became synonymous in the […]

History of Jubilee Quartets

Background The African American quartet tradition is an artistic form that originated in the mid-1800s. The early African American a capella vocal groups were originally known as Jubilee Quartets.  The quartet tradition is a blending of African American and Western practices containing distinctive elements that express cultural values of the African American community. A quartet […]

African American Negro Spirituals

What are Negro Spirituals? Negro spirituals are songs created by Africans who were brought to America to be enslaved against their will. Although they had their language, families, and cultures taken away from them, they still held on to their music. The singing and creation of Negro spirituals was very important to the enslaved people […]

Folk Article Review

The article titled “African-American Folk Music”, gave great information about the history of folk music and how it was birthed out of those who were enslaved. I found this interesting because when many people think of folk music, they would not be the first to conclude that folk music came out of people of African […]