Expanding The Boundaries of Gospel

Who is Kirk Franklin? Kirk franklin is the most successful contemporary gospel artist of his generation. He has gotten to this point by not even singing, but by playing the piano and songwriting. His songs are usually a call for action that has a way of influencing his audience to get up and praise god […]

HBCUS Keeping Negro Spirituals Alive

Introduction Negro spirituals, one of the first forms of music created on American soil by slaves. Negro spirituals expresses the experience of slaves but also serves as a mechanism for motivation for slaves to get through a tough time better known as slavery. So, how is this musical form of story telling and motivation still […]

Conveying a Message Through Music

Throughout time musical artist have used their platform to convey messages to their audience. Music has served as an way to convey political and social issues in a way thats less abrasive than a speech or a news article. The first traces of this practice was folk music and negro spirituals; these artists used their […]