Dr. Johnson, I would genuinely like to thank you for being the professor of the class Survey of African American Music. It has been the most enjoyable course for me throughout this semester. This includes the laughter and the content. You’ve broadened my perspective of what it truly means to be African American, and though that […]

Earth Wind and Fire The Three Elements of Funk

    Concert Report: Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago   On December 12th, 2004, in Los Angeles, California, Earth Wind and Fire, gave an outstanding performance, mixed with elements, including a plethora of instruments, solo parts, crowd interactionalism and fusion performances.  the performances featured many blossoming musicians with an assortment of unique musical combos. […]

Putting a Method to The Madness- The Evolution of Jazz

Origins Jazz,  Americas most respected past time and a current time.  originating in New Orleans, Louisiana, after the emancipation of the institution of slavery in the south,  the fusion of ragtime and blues emerged as Jazz. After the separation of whites and blacks in the south, former slaves began to remove themselves from their classical training […]

Blacks in the Classics

Origins Classical music, and the classical period from which it derives, also known as the ‘Classical Period’ from 1720-1820 but also includes the Baroque, Romantic and Galant periods, the emergence of Western music. This period of art music is when the world became introduced to composers,  meaning that an artist would write down the different […]

The Blues Don’t Change

The Blues Don’t Change  Origins  Deep out of the Delta of Mississippi, in the 1800s after an influx of migrant workers began to migrate through the south,  so did the blues through the great migration. The innovation behind the blues stems from the early plantation and shortly after the emancipation of slavery, sharecroppers and field […]

They don’ took my money- Another reason to have the Blues

The commodification of the blues Now, I’ll tell you about the blues, all negroes like the blues, why? cause’ they was born with the blues, and now everybody have it, they just don’t know what it is. – Leadbelly The blues, the feeling so hard to itch and scratch and get rid of, that seems […]

Jubilee Quartets – Taking the Negro Spiritual Global

The Jubilee Quartet, one of the earliest forms of black group singing became a pioneer to many of the songs we sing and Enjoy today.   Origins Dating back to 1871, Black Americans emerged with a new musical style coined as the Jubilee Quartets. Fisk University, a Historically Black University decided to “up” the Negro […]

Negro Spirituals The Introduction to African American Music

Negro spirituals, the staple piece of Black American music, is the accumulation of slavery, struggle and the introduction of white “missionary”  influence, that we know would later turn into years of free labor and mistreatment.  Negro spirituals speak volumes to endurance and a relentless spirit. Stemming from literally having nothing besides the clothes on your back, spirituals are […]

Imani Jones Folk Music Post

After reviewing the website, and listening to the featured artists, I started to understand the differences between what I usually considered to be Folk under the white umbrella and what I have now been exposed to by way of Survey of African American Music. Initially, I thought folk music to be a genre that included Indie […]

Imani Jones’ IME

My name is Imani Jones, I am 20 year old, sociology major at Spelman College with a major in sociology. I currently live in Columbus, GA, but view Tampa, Florida as home. However, I am originally from a very small town of 7,000 residents in Germany called Oppenheim. I moved to the states when I […]