Jazz A New Era

How African Americans Crafted Jazz Like all other forms of Black expressions, music reflects the kind of life that African Americans led during a specific time. For instance, the work songs and field howls reflect the conditions of servitude. On the other hand, the jubilee songs reflect the reconstruction era, while the blues reflect the […]

Negro Spirituals

True Sounds of the South Since ancient times, African people have used music to tell historical stories, entertain and share relatable stories. Music illustrated both the victories and the despairs of our people and has unified us in many different parts of the African diaspora. In this same way, for many years have our songs […]

NINA SIMONE: Voice of a Revolution

Nina Simone curated songs like “Young, Gifted and Black”, “Four Women”, “Mississippi Goddamn” and others because of her passions to address oppressions and racism that not only she had experienced but the how many African Americans experienced these social injustices. Not only did she display activism in her songs , she was an active participant […]