Motor City Blues

The blues took a new turn when it emerged in Motor City Detroit Michigan. A town where before was considered barren, the blues made the town a hotspot for music. With musicians such as John Lee Hooker and Washboard Willie the blues had made its mark in the music industry. After the blues took over, […]

Motown! Motown!

From the heart of Detroit, Motown Records was founded at the building Hitsville U.S.A. Motown is no stranger to anyone that knows anything about African American music as it was home to iconic groups such as the Jackson 5, the Temptations, and the Supremes. It helped launch the acts of icons Micheal Jackson and Diana […]

Stolen Music?!

There’s no doubt that white people have stolen a lot of things from our people let alone our culture. This story behind the stolen music from musician Chuck Berry in the 1950s just serves as another sad case of theft. Chuck Berry created the original sound that whites stole and deemed “Rock and Roll.” Songs […]

Get Black with James Brown

Months after King’s assassination, James Brown released “I’m Black and I’m Proud” as an ode to his black community. During the 1960s, where blacks were fighting and chasing after civil rights, this song for the decade solidified their war. James Brown already being the “Godfather of Funk” helped as an icon to bring awareness to […]

Talk About Tink

Trinity Laure’Ale Home better known as Tink, is a 25 year old R&B artist. With singles such as “Treat Me Like Somebody” and “Million” Tink has been a consistent star and developed sound. With melodic beats, and her lyrics that she chooses to either sing or rap, Tink is a diverse and creative artist that […]

All About Gangsta Rap

The Origins Of Gangsta Rap By: Maya Joseph-Lacet, Keely Ongos-Cole and Isis Evans What Is Gangsta Rap? Gangster Rap is defined as the authentic storytelling of a troubled black youth who grows up in a predominately poor black society. It is known for its hard hitting beats and violent lyrics that discussed murder and drugs. […]

The Definition of a Hip Hop Scholar

From its creation, Hip Hop has been a staple in the black community. Throughout the generations and the new technology advancements hip hop still stands today. In the film, 40 Years of Hip Hop Documentary KRS One discusses the true meaning of being a hip hop scholar. The culture of hip hop is embracing and […]