Shaolin Boys: Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan popped off with their first single “Protect Ya Neck” in the summer of 1993. 10 young men who had grown up in the Park Hill/Stapleton projects of Staten Island had found themselves enjoying overnight fame from their unique New York foundation but Asian culture influenced sound.  The young men consisted in this group […]

The Detroit Sound: Inner City Techno

Detroit Techno Origins Detroit Techno was created by three black native Detroit men named Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May, otherwise known as the “Belleville Three.” These three young men created a genre of music that is a standard for most electronic music to this day. Their creation has influenced and carried the sound […]

Bootsy Collins: Psychedelic Funk

Upbringing William Earl “Bootsy” Collins, was born October 26, 1951. Although there is not much information on his childhood, he grew up in Cincinnati and always had a passion for music. In the 60s he formed a band called the Pacesetters, which was successful enough to capture the attention of the godfather of funk himself, […]

A Comparison Between the Golden Gate Quartet and Mitchell’s Christian Singers

Who Were the Golden Gate Quartet? Who Were Mitchell’s Christian Singers? The Golden Gate Quartet was a group of four men that sang negro spirituals, and doo-wop music. They were the most successful Jubilee Quartet of their time, and remain active to this day. Mitchell’s Christian Singers group identified themselves as a Gospel group. Although […]

Gospel Comparison and Contrast

A Comparison and Contrast of Two Gospel Songs The Clark Sister’s song “He Keeps Me Company” was released in 1981. The song consists of a strong bass line, heavy drum line, and overall funky sound. Due to this song being released towards the end of the funk era, it is in a full blown […]

A Ribbon in the Sky: Stevie Wonder’s Way to Fame

Stevie Wonder: A Musical Genius and Global Inspiration On May 13, 1950, Stevland Hardaway Morris graced the earth with his presence. Wonder moved to Detroit, Michigan at the tender age of 4 after his parents divorced. In Michigan, Mr. Wonder began to sing and learn a myriad of instruments such as: harmonica, piano, and drums. […]

Black&Blue: Music That Soothes

The Blues: Past and Present The blues started deep down in the delta in Mississippi. The blues as a genre is a reflection of its name. Blue is usually a color people use to describe a sad or melancholy emotion. Black people who created the sounds of the blues turned any household item into an […]

The Life of Alice Coltrane

Biography Ms. Alice McLeod was born on August 27, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan. Ms. McLeod was born into a musically inclined family in which her mother was a member of the church choir and her brother, Ernest Farrow, was a jazz bassist. Ms. Alice had begun playing organ and piano as early as seven years […]

Steal Away: A Message of Escape

Steal away /stēl/ /əˈwā/ verb To leave furtively and stealthily    The definition of the phrase “Steal Away” is to exit or escape from a person, place, or thing in a hurried pace. Some people believe or understand this song to simply be used as a song of worship or longing to be with their […]

Odetta: The Voice of Folk

Written by: Imani Diggs “The better we feel about ourselves,  the fewer times we have to knock someone else down to feel taller.” -Odetta Early Life Ms. Odetta grew up in Birmingham, Alabama during the era of the Great Depression. Despite the times, her community found the joy in life despite their conditions. She speaks […]

Imani Diggs

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