Author: Hailee Vaughn-Dawkins


Origin of the Genre Also called “party” musc, funk originated in the late 1960’s and became popular in the 1970’s. The creators of funk were

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Music of the Soul

Origin Soul music derived from 1950’s R&B and became a distinct genre in the ’60s. Soul music became most popular in the ’70s. It is

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Where You From?

Jazz Background The major components of Jazz are improvisation, syncopation, swing, a blues feeling, and complex harmonies. Unlike the majority of genres, Jazz is most prestigious

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We Classy, Too.

African Americans that were trained in classical music recieved their instruction from immigrant European musicians who settled in large metropolitan centers. The Emancipation period caused

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Classical Women

Throughout the Classical music timeline it seemed like classical music was very male dominated, up until the year 1932. Florence Prince is very inspring because

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Christopher Wallace Bibliography

“Biggie Smalls.”, A&E Networks Television, 5 Nov. 2017, Hannah Frishberg – Mar 9, 2017 4. “Biggie Worked at My Park Slope Temple and

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Christopher Wallace: The Notorious

The Christopher Wallace  May 21st 1972-March 9th 1997 THE UPBRINGING Christopher Wallace, also known as the Notorious B.I.G or most commonly, Biggie Smalls was born

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Whenever I think of ragtime music, I think it should be played with a sort of “swing” concept, where certain notes have more of an

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Jubilee Quartet

A quartet according to western music is a musical composition or ensemble of four voices or instruments. But African American quartets had a minimum of

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