Influence On The Black Sound

European Influence On The Black Sound Similar to many aspects of modern culture a society, music has been formed with a sprinkle of multiple different cultures and types to form unique styles. One can find European singing styles in the singing of Jubilee Quartets. Where Did Harmonizing Come From? Harmony has been an aspect of […]

Charles Bradley – The Legendary Late Bloomer

Charles Bradley – The Legendary Late Bloomer Charles Bradley is the perfect example of an artist searching for their musical dreams in America. In comparison to many succesful artists, Charles struggled through poverty his entire life and did not make his first single until 2002. His story of fight, mental health, poverty, and talent is […]

The Female Composer

The Female Composer The ragtime era of music gave a rise to female-composed piano pieces. Most of the composed pieces during this time were most known by the more successful male pianists, which caused some women to publish their pieces under false names. Even if male composers dominated the ragtime industry, women made their mark […]

The History of Folk Music

Folk Music Influence in Slave Communities Work songs were used in Slave communities to help coordinate movement, lift their spirits, and help ward of fatigue while working. Many times, planters would appoint the best and strongest singer to lead the group, since they could keep the work songs going and help improve productivity among the […]