The Creation of Folk Music- Through the Lens of A Powerful Black Woman

By: Gabrielle Weeden The History of Folk Music      As far back as African-American culture reaches, a soundtrack of amazing music has followed it. During the slavery-era, the enslaved Africans would create music between each other while they were out on the fields. This music was a series of calls they would echo back […]

Opening Doors and Creating Spaces, How The Fisk Jubilee Started A Movement

By: Gabrielle Weeden What is A Jubilee Quartet The term “Jubilee” comes from the biblical phrase “Year of the Jubilee,” in which African Americans who had been slaves were set “free.” Jubilee quartets date from the mid-nineteenth century and are a hybrid of European quartet singing and African American singing. The jubilee genre arose from […]

A Lasting Impact: An Overview of The Influence of ‘A Love Supreme’

By: Gabrielle Weeden Overview of A Love Supreme A Love Supreme, John Coltrane’s sanctified masterpiece, has been dissected, interpreted, and written about more than any other jazz record. It’s an album that’s been dubbed “The Bible” by Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, and is often mentioned in hushed, reverent tones by its listeners. A Love Supreme […]

The Lady Behind The Voice- Donna Summer, The Queen of Disco

By: Gabrielle Weeden The Music That Makes People Want to Dance Disco is a form of dance music that first became popular in the 1970s. The word “disco” comes from the term “discotheque,” which refers to a club or party where people danced to recorded pop music. Disco music has a basic tempo of 12 […]

The Evolution of Gospel Music- A Look At The Past Century

By: Gabrielle Weeden  From the jubilee period to the present-day trap era, gospel has existed as a hybrid genre. Since gospel is classified by its lyrics, subjects, and themes rather than musical style, it has always been a genre that reflects mainstream music. Gospel music has grown and developed in many forms since its inception […]

The Faces Behind The Genre: How Black Women Shaped Blues Music And Their Lasting Impact

By: Gabrielle Weeden  How Did Blues Music Originate The Blues were a common musical genre from the 1860s to the 1960s and originated in the Mississippi Delta. This musical genre was formed as an escape from the daily hardships of working-class black people. The music of the blues genres is distinguished by its 12-bar song form. The Blues’ […]

How Negro Spirituals Influenced the Black Church

By: Gabrielle Weeden  What Are Negro Spirituals Enslaved people who were kidnapped from their homeland and transported to the United States lost their languages, traditions, and friends, but they couldn’t lose their music. They developed oral traditions for a variety of reasons, including survival during the hardships of slavery, as well as storytelling and the […]

Scott Joplin and Uplift: How Treemonisha Uplifted the Black Community

Scott Joplin and Uplift: How Treemonisha Uplifted the Black Community By: Gabrielle Weeden, Marissa Thompson, Lindsay Williams, Jazael E Who is Scott Joplin? Scott Joplin was born in the late 1860’s somewhere near the border of Texas (records are not quite sure). His father was a former slave and worked as a laborer on a […]