Final Farewell…

Survey of African American Music has taught me so much throughout this semester. Initially I believed that since I had no previous knowledge of music this class would not interest me but I was very wrong. While in this class I have learned so much about my history and I have also learned just  how […]

From 1965-1990: African American Music

Funk music was created in the late 60s and 70s and it was influenced by rhythm and blues. Funk music was also important because it was created and popularized during the civil rights movement. The influence of the black civil rights movements is apparent in the lyrics and the consistent upbeat heard in funk music. […]

The Evolution of Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop has its origins in the 1960s in New York within African American communities. In the beginning stages, Hip-Hop was mostly heard at parties or gatherings only within the black community of New York. Hip-Hop was first noticed on a global level in 1979 due to the group The Sugar Hill Gang’s success with the […]

Earth Wind and Fire

In 2004 Earth, Wind, and Fire performed alongside the group Chicago at the Greek Theatre. Earth Wind and Fire is a funk group that was founded in Chicago, Illinois in the late 1960s. The group Earth, Wind, and Fire consists of several group members that are responsible for vocals and instruments such as drums, guitar, […]

Musical Theater

How did the minstrel show develop? Describe its form, major characters, and musical content. When and why did African Americans and White minstrel performances differ? The minstrel shows developed in America due to the rise in popularity of theater and also the racial issues that were taking place. Although theater was becoming very popular African […]

Gospel in the Golden Age

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Jazzing Up Ragtime

Origin: Jazz music originated in New Orleans, Louisiana and it was inspired by the preceding genres ragtime and the blues. After the enforcement of Jim Crow Laws in New Orleans, classically trained Creoles brought their skills to African American bands and this led to the creation of jazz music. Characteristics: Jazz music consisted of improvisation, […]

Blues: The Expressions of Oppression

Origin: The blues genre originated in the 1890s, particularly in Black communities of small towns in the Deep South or Midwest. Some elements of Blue were inspired negro spirituals such as the field holler. The blues also contains elements of the folk ballad which inspired the harmonic and structural form of the blues. Characteristics: Blues […]

A New Twist on Classical Music

Origin: Classical music originated in Europe and there are different divisions of classical music beginning in the 11th century stretching up until the 20th century. In the United States, few African Americans were trained classically during the time before the Civil War but they flourished during the time. Those trained before the Civil War got […]

Overcoming the Obstacles

Ragtime was created by African American musicians in the late 19th century but it was the most popular between 1896-1920. The ragtime genre was created and made popular by African American musicians who did not read and or write music. The characteristics of ragtime music includes syncopations, unique rhythms, and unique melodies that added a […]

Stealing the Blues

The blues is a genre created in the Deep South and the Midwest. The blues was created by African Americans during slavery and post slavery. During the time the blues became popular many Blacks in the Deep South and midwest were impoverished even if they were employed. As a way to have a good time […]

Jubilee Quartets: The African-American Rise to Fame

Jubilee Quartets originated in the late 1800s after the growth of the African American singing movement. The quartet groups began post slavery and incorporated some elements that were in Negro Spirituals such as call and response and the spiritual aspect. The Jubilee Quartets style of performance consisted of a group of between four and six […]

Using Spirituality to Overcome Oppression

Throughout slavery there were many limitations and restrictions given to the enslaved people, for the most part they were only permitted to work. Surprisingly many of the slave masters allowed their slaves to attend church services to further convince the slaves that God wanted them to be enslaved. During this time, Christianity was used as […]

Gabrielle Williams’ IME

Introduction: My name is Gabrielle Williams and  I am a freshman from Macon, Georgia. I am an Early Childhood Education major. After graduating from Spelman College I plan to continue my education in a Masters Program to advance my career as an educator. Mindset: I am open to learn more about African American music. Every […]