Author: Elioenai Rufen-Blanchette

The Cultural Roots of Hip Hop

The History of Hip Hop Hip Hop first emerged in largely African American, Afro-Caribbean, and Latino communities of the Bronx and then spread to Harlem

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The Evolution of Gospel Music

Following the Great Migration of Blacks from the agrarian South in the period surrounding World Wars I and II to urban cities, Gospel music evolved

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Atlantic Records: R&B

Rhythm and blues evolved during World War II and is a form of Black dance music.  Its development is associated with economic, demographic, and social

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Black and Blues

The term “blues” was used to identify a new type of song emerging from Black communities in the southern United States by the end of

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Jazz Music: John Coltrane

During the twentieth century, Jazz was widely regarded as the pinnacle of African American music, distinguished by its professionalism and artistry, the originality and improvisation,

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Norfolk Jubilee Quartet

Background A jubilee quartet is historically defined as a vocal ensemble that consisted of a minimum of four voices and a maximum of six voices,

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