The History of Ragtime: “Cakewalk” and “Coon song”

Introduction Ragtime was around but way before the name was given to the genre. However, by the end of the 1890’s it was finally defined as Ragtime and consisted of a mixture of written music and oral tradition, that shifted between early jazz and classical music while also incorporating both African American and European styles […]

Jubilee Quartet: The New Minstrel Shows

History behind Minstrel Shows Minstrel shows became a popular form of entertainment created by whites, for whites. Minstrel shows incorporated dances, songs, dialogue and performance routines that reflected what White people thought of African Americans. Often White Actors would dress up in “Black Face” which involved painting your face black and depicting African Americans as […]

Spirituals: The Invisible Church

What was The Invisible Church? The Invisible Church’s were various sites of worship that enslaved African Americans would visit so they could worship God how they wanted without the supervision of a White Person. Enslaved Blacks would often sneak into the woods and go far into the Swamps In these “Invisible Churches” people would be […]