The 80s

THE Play Play Play Play Play Play Previous Next VIDEO Billboard Top 10 1980 Rock With You – Michael Jackson Cruisin – Smokey Robinson Working My Way Back to You/ Forgive Me Girl – The Spinners Upside Down – Diana Ross With You, I’m Born Again –  Billy Preston & Syreeta Shining Star – The […]

Women In Blues By: Donecia Mouring

Play Play Play Play Previous Next Names such as Bessie Smith, Mamie Smith, Eta James,and Ma Rainey aren’t just random names, these are women who made a great name for blues music. Blues music came about in the 1920s and it became a gateway for many women, black women, to express their feelings about sex, […]

A Review of “Folk Music- The Beginning” By: Donecia Mouring

The beginning, when explaining what folk music is, something that catches my attention is when  the author says “ they made the best out of what they had.”Although this is a simple sentence it has a lot of impact. It really lets you understand that our people really had nothing. And what did we do? […]

Jubilee Quartet By: Donecia Mouring

Play Play Play Previous Next Golden Gate Quartet The Golden Gate Quartet was a jubilee quartet created in Norfolk, Virgina. This group sang their way through the 1930s. LEARN MORE The Mills Brothers Coming from a family of nine, Donald, Herbert, Harry, and John jr. were known as the Four Kings of Harmony in LEARN […]

Negro Spirituals


Marian Anderson Article Reflection: Donecia Mouring

Lifting Her Voice to Sing Marian Anderson is known for being one of the finest contraltos or her time. Through her career, she was able to host a concert at Howard University, she was invited to sing at the Lincoln Memorial by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt on Resurrection Sunday. On this day, it is stated […]