Author: Deja Mason

The Significance of Jubilee Quartets in History The Fisk Jubilee Singers where the first group to introduce the United States to Negro Spirituals. Although negro spirituals have a long history, it was only until 1871 when they became exposed to the

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Jamila Woods: An Artist in Her Own Right

ABSTRACT: This essay is about Jamila Woods’ work as an artist, including her background, her music, poems, and her overall influence on the black community. There will be an in depth description of both of

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Jamila Woods Paper Outline

Abstract: This essay will discuss Jamila Woods’ work as an artist, including her origins, her music, and her influence on the black community as a whole. It will provide an understanding of Jamila Woods’ influence

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Artist Post: Jamila Woods

Jamila Woods For my artist project, I will be providing my insight in an essay on the significance of Jamila Woods.

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G Funk Group Presentation

G-Funk Group Presentation: The Evolution of G-Funk By: Deja Mason and Abiodun Scott Origins of G-Funk: P-Funk Samples Originating in the West Coast in the early 90’s, G-Funk samples songs from the funk era,

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