Francis Grasso

[embedyt][/embedyt] Francis Grasso is considered by most modern day disco jockeys to be the inventing father of the DJ technique by mixing two records together using slip-quing technique. DJ Francis completely changed the game of Disco music. Before him, DJ’s submitted to what the patrons wanted, supplying recognizable music that would appeal to the […]

My Future in Music

I am currently a Music major at Spelman College. I would like to open my own record label, and be a business woman through music. This class has taught me more than music, it taught me how to look at music through a black persons eyes. This class has opened my eyes to how the […]

The Golden Gate Quartet

Willie T. The Untold Story of the Founder of the Golden Gate Quartet The group was founded as the Golden Gate Jubilee Singers in 1934, by four students at the Booker T. Washington College in Norfolk, Virginia. According to the group’s website,[1] the original members were Willie Johnson (baritone; d. 1980), William Landford (tenor; d. […]


Heatwave was formed in the early 70s by a group of U.S. servicemen stationed in Germany. The band went though many changes in personnel and finally settled in England as a septet featuring vocalist brothers Johnny and Keith Wilder and keyboardist/songwriter Rod Temperton. It became the first true international dance group, with members from the […]