Negro Spirituals

[embedyt][/embedyt]A negro spiritual is a form of religious music created by African Americans during slavery in the 1800’s. Spirituals were the earliest form of religious music developed among African Americans. Often mistaken as a combination of European hymns, Spirituals were not hymns. The defining structure of a spiritual was call and response. Call and […]

Jubilee Quartets

[embedyt][/embedyt] The Jubilee era started in the mid-1800’s after the abolition of slavery. Jubilee quartets were four to six voices, singing four-part harmony arrangements in a capella style or with limited instrumentation. An African American quartet was defined by the number of designated harmony parts, as opposed to the number of group members.  Most […]


Secular Folk Music originated well before the early seventeenth century.  Music was a part of the everyday life of the people of Africa. It was less of a performance and more of a group activity where everyone was able to participate. Music styles and characteristics recognized in folk music such as call and response and […]

African American Folk- The Untold Truths REVIEW

I appreciate the emphasis on African American’s contribution to music that is notoriously ignored. I also enjoyed how the author began the post with background information and a story to make the post more intriguing. The root and the purpose of folk music and its relation to African American’s history correlation was necessary to understand […]

Deja Cabiness- IME

I’m Deja Cabiness, a sophomore economics major and public health minor      from Willingboro, New Jersey. After graduation I plan to obtain more degrees and later pursue a career in public health. Mindset I try to come into each semester and each different course with a different mindset in hopes of improvement. This semester […]