Kanye West by Diamond Burton

“Yeezy” The Life of Kanye West By: Diamond Burton Background Kayne Omari West, was born in Atlanta on June 8, 1977. His parents were Ray west who was a photojournalist, black panther and a Christian counselor, and Donda West who was a English Professor at Chicago State. His parents got a divorce and he moved […]

Funky Town

Funk was born from the influence of many genres such as jazz, R&B, soul, and African grooves. It already existed in an early form in New Orleans since the mid-1900s. Over many years, it has influenced jazz, R&B and soul music in return, and led to the creation of Hip Hop music. Funk music, has […]

It’s time to get jazzy

In the late 1800s while parts of America were stomping their feet to military marches, people in New Orleans were dancing to VooDoo Rhythms.  New Orleans was the only place that allowed for slaves to own drums.  They used European horns and the rumble of the African drums and it was like lightening meeting thunder. […]

What’s classical music?

Classical music is the only  genre of music that was not created by African-American people. Classical music is referred to as music produced in the traditions of Western art and concert music coming from a broad period from maybe 1000AD to the present day. Classical music is considered primarily a written musical tradition, preserved in music […]

I Got The Blues

Blues music came about during the 1800s in Mississippi. It was initially a folk  music popular among former slaves living in the Mississippi Delta, the flat plain between the Yazoo and Mississippi rivers. With the Great Migration of black workers that began around that time the Blues spread around the south and the rest of the […]

commodification in blues

Blues music came from African Americans who were expressing their sad feelings through music.  Blue was spread across the country when black freed slaves moved North. Ever since then, other artist we’re influenced like the Beatles, Mick Jagger, and Elvis Presley.  I feel that these artist didn’t understand why blues music came about, they didn’t […]


Ragtime music was created by African American musicians and a lot of them did not known how to read or write music.  It came about as a playing style, advertising this new music in bars and saloons, and other similar places where black people found their first opportunity to perform. Ragtime emerged during the 1890s […]

Jubilee Quartet Post

The African American quartet tradition originated in the mid 1800s as an outgrowth of the African American university singing movement. They were African American acapella vocal groups that were called the jubilee quartets because of the personality and features of their style. Most of these groups were of black men. Due to the context of […]

Diamond’s Spiritual post

  During Slavery, African Americans created sang spirituals which is a type of religious music. Spirituals were the earliest form of religious music developed among African Americans. They sang negro spirituals as a form of resistance and used them to communicate. Slaves sang them with sorrow in hopes of being free . They had to deal […]

Diamond’s Folk Music Post

The first things that I think of when I think of Folk music are the people that created it, how they did it and the culture. Folk music was something that came so natural to our people while back in Africa. Whenever they would work in the fields or in water, they sang. Music was […]

Diamond Burton’s IME

My name is Diamond Burton and I’m a sophomore biology major from Chicago, Illinois. I took this class so that I could learn about the different types of African American music. Simply because growing up, I only listened to hip hop and a little bit of R&B.