Ragtime- The Life of A Slave is No Cakewalk

Ragtime is an interesting genre because it has been focused on in many music classes as a white genre but most music scholars clearly speak of its very black roots and history. Ragtime is a syncopated music that is often most often played with piano. At the start of the ragtime era is coon songs […]

Negro Spirituals- What Have We Lost in our Gain?

The negro spiritual genre began from the early slave songs. As a sacred genre spirituals focused on the relationship between God and the slaves, and their desire to be delivered out of slavery. Negro spirituals typically had a double meaning behind the lyrics as they were also used to conceal messages between the slaves, to […]

Deborah’s IME

Hello my name is Deborah Blount, sophomore music major, and I don’t know where I’m from. I was born in Iowa City, IA and from the time of my birth until I started college in the fall of 2016, I had moved 11 times all around the city of Chicago and part of Indiana. I’ve […]