The Golden Voices

The Tuskegee University (formally known as Tuskegee Institute) Golden Voices Choir, is a prime example of HBCUs serving as a mechanism to bring Negro Spirituals to a national and international level. This has not only allowed the exposure of black culture but these choirs have also provided students opportunities that they otherwise may not have […]

Walter Hawkins

Walter Lee Hawkins was a contemporary gospel singer, songwriter, composer, and minister. Hawkins was active from the 1960s until his death in July 2010. During his career, he recorded six albums, was Grammy nominated nine times, one of which being Best Gospel Performance which was won in 1981. Born in Oakland, California, on May 19th, […]

Tania León

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Esperanza Spalding

Women in jazz do not always get the credit they deserve, but the women who do make their way in this male-dominated industry have just as significant an impact as their male counterparts; bassist, vocalist, and composer/songwriter Esperanza Spalding being one of them. As one of the few active and mainstream black female artists in […]

Hip-Pop’s Big Three

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The Blues: A Genre Meant for Everyone

What is the Blues? The blues is a genre of music that was meant for people to be able to express what they were going through or what was going on around them. This was done by conveying the music in a soulful way, along with how the music was formatted. This type of music […]

African Roots

I am a firm believer in understanding the historical context of the how and why of certain norms of the art we study. This is especially true when studying music coming out of the Americas. Although we are made aware of the African influence on today’s genres that white artists dominate, we are not fully aware […]