Author: Cornelia Stokes

Disco DJ

The Disco DJ: By Cornelia Stokes and Alanna Brown. The Disco DJ consisted of heterosexual African Americans, and some women. Many of them were musicians,

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What Difference Does It Make?

Within the African American, music has made a huge difference. Music has been the center of African communities, in every social setting including ceremonies, holidays, family,

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Ulysses Kay

Ulysses Kay, in full Ulysses Simpson Kay (born Jan. 7, 1917, Tucson, Ariz., U.S.—died May 20, 1995, Englewood, N.J.), American composer, a prominent representative of

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Hale Smith

Cleveland Institute of Music Late 1950s-1960s: jazz arranger 1970-1984: University of Connecticut Hale Smith was one of the first African American composers to abandon black

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