Author: Camrie Hendking


In the Detroit techno world, a cabaret is a type of social gathering usually associated with a community of unionized workers or other socially specific

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Mahalia Jackson: Queendom Declassified

Title: Mahalia Jackson: Queendom Declassified  OUTLINE Research Methodology: After reading about Mahalia Jackson both in the textbook and through several scholarly sources, it became obvious

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What Difference Does it Make?

Music, especially in the African American community, has been a central part of life. Music marks major life events, transitions, and celebrations. In the African

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Smokie Norful

His Life Smokie Norful, born as Willie Ray Norful, Jr., is a pianist and gospel artist. He spent his early life in Tulsa and Muskogee,

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Florence Price

Background Florence Price was a classical music composer born to a mixed race family that was real respected despite the racial tensions of the time

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