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Kirk Franklin

Introduction Gospel as we know it emerged in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century alongside contemporaries such as Ragtime, Blues and Jazz. Although, Gospel seems

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The Disco Queen

Introduction Disco is a form of dance music that emerged in the 1970’s. Disco got its name from the term discotheque which refers to a

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The Forgotten Jazz Pianist

Introduction Jazz is a genre of music originating in New Orleans, in the late 19 century is heavily based on improvisation. During Jazz performances, players

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The Progressive Era

Women in Ragtime Ragtime When you think about Ragtime, you should automatically think of the piano. As it can be defined as a genre of

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From Jubilee to Gospel

Introduction The term Jubilee Quartet was derived from a group of singers known as the Fisk Jubilee Singers. This group was formed at Fisk University,

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The Shout

Introduction The Ring Shout equally requires bodily actions and soulful shouts. To slaves it was more than just the biblical scriptures put into a song.

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The Legacy of Elizabeth Cotten

The Legacy ofElizabeth Cotten Introduction Folk music, like folk literature, is of oral tradition. Folk music is learned through listening rather than reading. The question

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