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Gospel Decade Post

Alexa Johnson, Isis Benjamin, Ciera Burden GOSPEL 2000’s Decade 2000s Artists  – Kirk Franklin Yolanda Adams Mary Mary Smokie Norful Mandisa William Murphy Kirk Franklin

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I Said A Hip Hop

What is Hip Hop Music? : A Civilization    Hip Hop, in fact, is just not a genre of music, but it is a culture,

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Lil Wayne Bibliography

Artist Bibliography  Artist: Lil Wayne  Bibliography   LEWIS, HEIDI R. “Let Me Just Taste You: Lil Wayne and Rap’s Politics of Cunnilingus.” Journal of Popular Culture,

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Folk Post

What is Folk Music  Folk music was the first raw expression of African, and African American musical enterprise that transcended the diaspora. Music around this

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Ciera Burden’s IME

Hello! My name is Ciera Burden. I am a first year, Economics major, student here at Spelman College. I am from Brooklyn, New York, but

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