Evolution of Hip Hop Artwork

This artwork represents the evolution of hip-hop. In this photo the contrast between hip hop today and in the past. This picture shows how Hip Hop used to be known for Graffiti, MC, and speakers. It is now known for weed, gold chains, and money.

Funk, R&B, House, Techno, Disco& Soul Artwork

This picture captures Funk, R&B, House, Techno, Disco, and Soul. The title “What the Funk” and the caption on her shirt ( “We’ve Gort the Funk”  captures the funk music. The Afro hairstyle represents the funk and the soul culture, that most artists had. The musical instruments that are made to be the arms of the person […]

Jazzy Jazz

What is Jazz Music?     Jazz music originated in the African American community. Jazz music developed from the influence of blues and ragtime music. Like the blues and ragtime genres of music, jazz music has the characteristics of the call and response style, and the rhythm of the music gives off a “swing” effect. […]

Classical Music

WHAT IS CLASSICAL MUSIC? Although portrayed as only a European genre of music, Classical music is a piece of art that comes from the African Culture. There were many African Americans amongst slave states who were trained to compose Classical music. Classical music is very distinct for its melodic tone. The instruments that in this […]

I’ve Got the Blues

What were the Blues?   The Blues music genre originated in the 19th century, in the Deep South. The Blues was a reflection of the police brutality, lost of loved ones due to the systematic oppression and laws put place to enhance the regression of the black race and the laborious work that slaves were […]

Who Stole the Blues?

The commodification of the Blues   Blues Music is deeply rooted in the culture and history of African American people. It originated in the Deep South on plantations, in which slaves sang music while endured laborious hours of working for their slave owners. The lyrics consisted of topics, such as the death of loved ones […]

What Time is It? Ragtime

What is Ragtime and When did it originate? Ragtime is a music genre that is known for its rapid and upbeat rhythm. Ragtime originated in 1895 and lasted until 1920. Different from other genres of African American music, ragtime depended solely on the composition of music using the piano, and the music produced was recording […]

The Glee of Jubilee

Who were the Jubilee Quartets? Jubilee quartets were popular African American religious groups. Jubilee quartet singers originated in 1871 when a Caucasian when the students at Fisk University began to sing gospel music, in efforts to raise money for African American students to continue to attend the school. Although not the only Jubilee quartet group, […]

Earth, Wind, &Fire

A little Recap on Funk music It is a genre of music that is known for its upbeat tune, and the dance moves that come along with the tone of the music. Funk music, in fact, is a combination of soul, jazz, blues, and R&B. Funk music can sometimes be confused with bebop Jazz because […]

The Black Face in Musical Theater

How Did Black Musicals Come About?   Musical theater was not always an opportunity available to African American people. Musical theater was mostly known for its white actresses, and if the play needed black actors, Blackface was used. It wasn’t until 1898 when Will Marion Cook and Bob Cole introduced black written pieces to the […]

Gospel Decade Post

Alexa Johnson, Isis Benjamin, Ciera Burden GOSPEL 2000’s Decade 2000s Artists  – Kirk Franklin Yolanda Adams Mary Mary Smokie Norful Mandisa William Murphy Kirk Franklin Yolanda Adams    Mary Mary Popular songs of the decade: Kirk Franklin – Jesus Kirk franklin-Imagine me Regina Belle – God is Good Yolanda Adams- Hold On Yolanda adams- Mountain […]

We’ve Got the FUNK!

  What is Funk Music? In order to understand the genre of funk, you must understand that it is a genre of music that is known for its upbeat tune, and the dance moves that come along with the tone of the music. Funk music, in fact, is a combination of soul, jazz, blues, and […]

I Said A Hip Hop

What is Hip Hop Music? : A Civilization    Hip Hop, in fact, is just not a genre of music, but it is a culture, or as some would call it, a “civilization”. Hip Hop comes with other forms of art that make this genre of music, also known as a culture or civilization. Some […]

Folk Post

What is Folk Music  Folk music was the first raw expression of African, and African American musical enterprise that transcended the diaspora. Music around this period of the late 1700’s was used, according to our African American Music text, as a means of, “continuing African consciousness among New World slaves, even in the face of […]

Ciera Burden & Kennedy-Rue McCullough’s Negro Spiritual Post

What are Negro Spirituals? A Negro spiritual is a religious song of a kind associated with black Christians of southern U.S and thought to derive from the combination of European hymns and African musical elements by black slaves. Negro spirituals served as a way for African slaves to cope with their daily trauma and laborious […]

Ciera Burden’s IME

Hello! My name is Ciera Burden. I am a first year, Economics major, student here at Spelman College. I am from Brooklyn, New York, but I’ve had the opportunity of going out of my own state for high school, which enhanced my diverse taste in music. Personally, I believe that I am exposed to a […]