Where Did the Women Go?: The Nonexistent Stories of the Wheat Street Female Quartet

What is this Jubilee Quartet? Jubilee quartets begin making their debut and picking up traction during the mid-1800s. We see the musical characteristics of these songs as a revitalization of negro spirituals and “church” music.  Of course to be a quartet these groups were combined of four members or instruments. These four voices are usually […]

The Southern Girls’ Perspective: Negro Spirituals & The Southern Black Church

excerpts from The Southern Baptist Convention’s Resolution on Racial Reconciliation WHEREAS, Our relationship to African-Americans has been hindered from the beginning by the role that slavery played in the formation of the Southern Baptist Convention; WHEREAS, Many of our congregations have intentionally and/or unintentionally excluded African-Americans from worship, membership, and leadership; Our perspective Being two […]

Candace Carter’s IME

Hello, my name is Candace Carter. I am a junior biology major from Columbus, MS. As I start to prepare for this class I am very excited to dive into it. I love African Americans as a people. It’s heartwarming to see hardships that we have faced and yet we were able to become so […]