Jubilee Quartets in the World of HBCUs

Jubilee Quartets in the World of HBCUs What is a Jubilee Quartet? There is much scpeculation regarding where the Jubilee Quartet originated from, but it is certain that there is a rich history. Originally Jubilee Quartets were comprised of 4 or more men with various voice patterns and singing styles. It was common to see […]

Bessie Smith & Her Fantastic Blues

“It’s a long old road, but I know i’m gonna find the end” Bessie Smith: In the Beginning Bessie Smith, also known as ‘The Empress of the Blues’ was one of the very first famous blues artists. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee Smith did not have an easy upbringing. She and her brothers and sisters were […]

Ella Fitzgerald and Her Jazz Triumph

Life Before Fame Ella Fitzgerald wore many hats, some of which were ‘The First Lady of Song’ and The Queen of Jazz. While her impact on Jazz and the Black community was triumphant, she was not always the star that she would later come to be. Ella Fitzgerald was born on April 25, 1917 in […]

The Foundation of Black Music: The Negro Spiritual

The Foundation of Black Music: The Negro Spiritual The Negro Spiritual, commonly known as the African American Spiritual, can be traced back to the times of Trans-Atlantic slavery. Enslaved Africans would create these forms of music for a plethora of reasons and variations of the music is still widely known in Black communities. History of […]

Elizabeth Cotten: A Folk Legend

Elizabeth Cotten: A Folk Music Legend Life Before Folk Elizabeth Cotten was born in 1893 in North Carolina. Cotten was the youngest of five children and her family was known for being musically inclined. At only the age of seven, Elizabeth got her hands on the first instrument she ever played. She went on to […]